Can you hear me Lord !!!!!!!


Hey, Lord, are you listening ?

I'm not sure whether you are there or not

but I just want to tell you that I'm trying to sort things out.

There seem to be so many ways of looking at things in this world

and I'm in a muddle and don't quite know what to believe.

But I'm trying to work it all out.....because I do care

and I want to have been some use to someone.


Trouble is, people can't realise that I've got to try things out

and get things wrong.

Why do they go on at me for not being perfect first time ?

What do they think I am - a miracle ?


I get fed up, Lord, when people don't value the efforts I make.

Sometimes they don't even notice that I'm trying

and then I give up and wonder "What's the point ?"


Yes, I know I don't make allowances for other people either,

I suppose I do go on at them or, worse, hardly notice they're there.


Your world's confusing, Lord.

At times it's great and at others it's dark and painful.


Half the time I lose sight of you completely

I'd like to believe in you, I want to believe in you

because what you said makes more sense

than anything else I've heard.

But people seem not to trust in you, Lord.


I want to find you, Lord, but keep getting lost

Do you think you could come and find me instead ???