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Daniel Hogan

Searching for information on Daniel Hogan, married to Mary Hogan, residents of Kilgobbin, Ballinspittle, Ballinadee, in the 1840's

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Kathleen Taylor Scott
Hello - For some time now I have been searching for information about my great-grandmother Anne O'Connell, born 9 April 1865. I have not been successful in locating any information about Anne or her family until Anne's marriage in Dublin in 1889 (St. Nicholas of Myra). Without further information about Anne, I am unable to trace the family beyond Anne. This quest for information began some years ago when my mother asked me if I could try to find the name of Annie's twin. At this time my mother was still in her seventies and, I think, wanted to ensure some of the few family stories we have were passed on. My mother had her 85th birthday in January and I'm no closer to finding answers for her. During my trip to Ireland last summer I was only able to cross off names on my list, but did not find the correct Thomas O'Connell family. Here's what I know about Anne: Name: Anne Hilda O'Connell Date of Birth: 9 April 1865 Father's name: Thomas O'Connell (as per the marriage register) Mother's name: Uncertain. We believe her name was Mary Daly, but I have not found documentation in support of this. Siblings: Anne was a fraternal twin & her twin was a boy, name unknown. Anne had an older brother, name unknown. We do not know if there were additional children as Anne was quite young when her mother died. Mary Daly O'Connell and her two sons died during an epidemic (smallpox?) when Anne was still young. Thomas felt unable to care properly for his young daughter and sent her to live with her maternal aunt, name unknown, in Dublin. Thomas O'Connell died some years later (before May 1889). By this time Anne was old enough to return to Cork by train for the funeral. Unexpectedly, there was a group waiting for her at the train station. When Anne asked why they were there, the response was they could do no less for her - something to do with her being an O'Connell. Anne and her family emigrated to Canada in about 1907. Her husband and father-in-law both died in 1906 and Anne proceeded with the family plans to emigrate to North America. Anne changed the destination from Boston to Montreal as there were good family friends in Montreal and sent one of her sons ahead with this family (Nolans. The son Philip Nolan became a Judge in Montreal). Anne died in Montreal in 1911 and her eldest son and daughter kept the family together. By this time, the eldest son was an engineer and the eldest daughter trained as a secretary. My grandmother was her eldest daughter. If Anne was baptized at this parish, I would appreciate any information that may be in the register concerning her and her twin brother. If this is the correct parish, I will follow this request up with requesting information about her parents' marriage, her older brother's baptism, burial information about Mary and the two sons and, lastly, Thomas O'Connell's burial (before May 1889). I would also like any info available about Anne's parents if they were members of this parish prior to their marriage and if they were married at this parish. I will immediately submit the payment for researching Anne's baptismal record. If you require a second payment for including her twin's information, please let me know and I will submit the fee. Otherwise, I expect the information for both their baptisms to be covered by the fee. I know that the request is by record search, but as they are twins I am thinking the baptism record is covered in a single fee. If it is by person, please let me know. If you do locate records for Thomas, Mary, the eldest son, and Anne's twin (and any other children if there were any), please let know and I will submit a fee for these records promptly. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Kathleen Taylor Scott Calgary, AB Canada