The Honan Home, Montenotte
Sr. Joseph, Fr. Michael Kidney & Sr Columba

The Honan Home, founded as a Charitable Trust arising from the will of Matthew Honan in 1894, has served as a home for old, aged and infirm men and women since it opened in 1896. Located at Lovers Walk, Montenotte, it provided 15 full-board residential places in the Home itself, as well as 10 places in the self catering chalets adjoining the main House.

Regretably, due to economic circumstances, it was necessary to close these facilities in their present form and following an invitation of formal declarations of interest from charitable and statutory bodies as to the future use of the Home and grounds, responsibility has been transferred to the adjoining COPE Foundation.

A Celebration Mass, attended by over 100 persons including past residents, the sisters and friends of the Order of Franciscan Sisters Minoress (the lowest form of servitude), former employees and many others, was celebrated by the resident chaplin, Fr. Michael Kidney, on 18th. September 2005.

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Honan Home, Montenotte, Celebration Mass

Following the Celebration Mass, Sr. Joseph invited all to join with the Members of the Order of Franciscan Sisters Minoress for tea and goodies. The following are some random photographs of those who joined with the Sisters, and are a record of the celebration and thanks for dedication and care given over the years to so many by so few.

If you spot someone who we have not named we would be pleased if you could provide the name/names by contacting St. Patrick's Parish website at ......................refer to photo number.

1.Marian Singers with Sr. Magdalene Sr. Colomba, Sr. Joseph, Fr. Kidney, Sr. Helen
2.Sr. Colomba and Sr.Joseph
10. Peg Hallahan, Teresa Sweeney, Ann O'Conner
11. Sr. Helen, Sr Thaddious
12. Sr. Mary John
13. Sr. Thaddious
14. Sr. Magdalene, Michael Conway
15. Sr Colomba, Mary and John Sweeney
16. Sr. Colomba
17. Alice
19. Sr. Helen
21. 'Someone has to do it'
22. Ann O'Conner, Peg Hallahan, Sr Thaddious
23. Peg Hallahan, Alice