Memorial Plaques

The Parish Church 's Management Committees are making available suitably inscribed Brass Plaques for purchase.

 These Memorial Plaques will be affixed to a seat of choice (subject to confirmation), and allowing a maximum of three plaques per seat at St. Patrick's Church, and four plaques per seat at the Holy Family Church.

 The plaque size will be 12cm x 4cm (4.75 inches x 1.5 inches) approximately.


 We will supply, engrave, fit and permanently maintain your plaque.

 A monthly Mass will be offered for those named

 There is a once - off cost of €120

 St. Patrick's Church

 There are six aisles of equal seat length referenced ‘A' to ‘F' with 16 seats (aisle A + B), 17 seats (aisle C + D) and 18 seats (aisle E + F), numbered from the rear of the Church and looking towards the Main Altar. Each seat could support 3 number plaques

 Holy Family Church

 There are three aisles referenced ‘A' to ‘C', aisles A and C are of equal length could support two number plaques each seat. Aisle B (middle aisle) could support four number plaques. Aisle A + C contain 14 seats each and aisle B contains 16 seats. The seats are numbered from the rear of the Church and looking towards the Main Altar.

 Persons wishing to purchase a plaque should indicate:

 •  Name of Church

•  Aisle letter

•  Seat number

Seat position

 ie, St. Patrick's Church, aisle C, seat 12, position 'm' (middle).

 The inscription wording is limited to 10/11 words, commencing with the words ‘Pray for', ie, ‘Pray for John Murphy, Glanmire Rd and Boston , died 1856'. We will try to meet with your requirements, and in certain circumstances, additional words can be included, very much depending on word length and font size.

 Not only will you be creating a permanent Memorial to your loved ones, acknowledging their association with their Church of former years, you will also be creating a necessary fund for the continued maintenance of Preserved buildings of Faith and Worship.

 We are appealing to St. Patrick's Parish, Cork, diaspora to support this cause and at the same time giving due recognition to your forebearers, of which they would be proud.

 Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Bank Draft made payable to ‘St. Patrick's Parish Lr. Glanmire Rd. Cork , or through 'PayPal'. A receipt will be issued by Canon Dan P.P in respect of the first three payment methods.

(Note: PayPal access facility can be found under 'Record Search' on Home Page)

 Please make contact with us at