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The launch of 'Scandalous Saints & Sinners'Spirited Sinners'

Holy Family News from 21st. February 2004 Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)  

Fr. Bernard writes;

I'm one year on ‘the Hill'!

M y first day in Holy Family was Saturday 21 February 2004 — just over a year ago. I was very nervous arriving on the Hill, having been out of parish life for the previous few years. I was afraid I might have got rusty!
It didn't take long for me to realise how fortunate I was. To be welcomed into a real community in the heart of the city was an amazing experience. Now that I am here a few months, I boast about this wonderful place, so rare in the urban context. Anything I can do to enhance that over the next few years, I will try to do.
What is marvellous about Holy Family is how people look out for each other and mind each other. It's what being part of a parish is all about, yet many places just don't have that same spirit. I would love to welcome even more people into the church here, to experience the welcome I have experienced. We still have room for more church-goers at Holy Family.
I've floated some ideas for the future on the back cover (volunteers welcome!) Nothing will happen without a lot of help: maybe you could offer your talents to the community?
I'll include a ‘sign-up sheet' with the dues letter: if you see something that you could give a little energy to, please add your name and phone number to the sheet, and send it back with the Dues.
Thanks again for your great welcome.
Fr Bernard

PS You'll find the regular (St Patrick's) parish newsletter inside this leaflet, but the back cover is also ours for Holy Family matters. I hope you like this new formula!


Confessions for Easter
You are invited to a Penitential Service on the Monday of Holy Week (21 March) at 7.30 pm in Holy Family Church. The service will be prayerful and calm (and brief!) and will include the opportunity for Confession.
If you would like Confession after Mass (as last year), be sure to go to St Patrick's Church next weekend, where there will be Confessions after each Mass.

Holy Week timetable
Holy Thursday is on Thursday fortnight, 24 March: Mass will be at 8 pm that evening. Good Friday: Stations at 12 noon, the Liturgy of the Passion will be at 3 pm. Taizé-style ‘Prayer around the Cross' will from 8 to 9 pm. The Easter Vigil will be celebrated on Saturday 26th at 8 pm (there will be no 7pm Mass that Saturday). The Vigil will be followed by a party, to celebrate Easter (thanks to the ICA)!

This week's calendar
Monday 7 March: Saints Perpetua & Felicity, martyrs
Tuesday, 8 March: St John of God, patron saint of nurses and the sick. Also St Senan.
Wednesday 9 March: St Frances of Rome
Thursday 10 March
Friday 11 March: St Aengus (died AD 830)
Saturday 12 March
Sunday 13 March: Fifth Sunday of Lent
Readings: Ezekiel 37: 12-14; Psalm 129;
Romans 8:8-11; John 11:1-45.


A few ideas for 2005

How about......

• A newsletter for this community?
Nothing can be done without a means of communication. A local newsletter is a great way to go — not just for church notices but for local news and other tidbits of information. I'll do something limited over the next few months (until summer), hoping I can gather a few interested parties by September. Would you like to help?

• A children's Mass?
Children often feel ‘at sea' during Mass, it's such an adult experience. An occasional Family Mass, with children involved right through, might help. With the help of a few parents, who knows what we might do?

• A tea/coffee morning?
Now that we have an equipped kitchen, how about using it for a social gathering after morning Mass. Tea and coffee makers and washers-up needed: can you help?

• A management committee?
To maintain and develop the church and hall will need a management committee, with nominated and elected members. (This might also leave me freer for priestly jobs). I'm still churning the idea over in my head, but would welcome your thoughts before presenting the idea at Masses after Easter.

Lots of helpers needed!



Deaths of parishioners
Jean Nolan, Cassidy's Avenue, Old Youghal Road, died at Glendonagh Nursing Home, Dungourney on 23 February. Mourned by her daughters Liz (O'Donnell, Balmoral Terrace, Old Youghal Road), Ellen (Kelleher), her sons David and Paul, her grandchildren and all her relatives.
Frances (Fanny) Russell, Mount View Terrace, Ballyhooly Road, died on 3 March at Monfield Nursing Home. Pre-deceased by her husband Dick, her loss was regretted by her family Geraldine, Michael, Pauline and Jackie, her grandchildren and other relatives.
May they rest in peace.

Sincere sympathy
To Kitty Hegarty, West View, Military Hill on the death of her brother;
To Eleanor Herlihy, Russet House, St Lukes, on the death of her mother;
To Kathleen Buckley, Windsor Terrace, Ballyhooly Road, on the death of her sister.

Kitty O'Brien
John & Mai Bennett
Elizabeth Carmel Higgins

Trocaire boxes
Many parishioners picked up Trocaire's lenten package this year, including the ‘fast box'. Also given with the package was an envelope, in which the lenten contribution to Trocaire can be returned. You are invited to bring this envelope to Mass next Sunday or during Holy Week. (Spare envelopes are available in the Sacristy.)

Palm Sunday
Next weekend we bless palms at Mass and remember the Lord's Passion, as Holy Week begins. You are invited to bring your own branches, to acclaim Christ as King (palms will also be provided at the church).
Weather permitting (and if it's not too cold!) Sunday morning Mass will start outside, near the Holy Family grotto: from there we will process into the church, recalling Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

This week's calendar
Monday 14 March: Fifth Week of Lent
Mass 9.25 a.m.
Tuesday, 15 March: Fifth Week of Lent
Mass 9.25 a.m.
Wednesday 16 March: Fifth Week of Lent
Mass 9.25 a.m., with Lectio divina
immediately afterwards (in the Kitchen)
Mass 7pm (Vigil Mass)
Thursday 17 March: ST PATRICK'S DAY
Mass 11.30 a.m.
(Masses at 10, 12 noon, 6 pm in St Patrick's)
Friday 18 March: St Cyril of Jerusalem
Mass 9.25 a.m.
Saturday 19 March: ST JOSEPH
Mass 7.00 p.m.
Sunday 20 March: Palm Sunday
Readings: Procession — Matthew 21:1-11.
Mass: Isaiah 50:4-7; Psalm 22;
Philippians 2:6-11; Matthew 26:14-27, 66.

Holy Family News 20.03.05

Fr Bernard writes....

Holy Week on the eights...

It can be very hard to remember the times of the ceremonies during Holy Week. Because there's no other week of the year like it, our powers of memory can be severely stretched.
I've tried to simplify it this year. I invite you to come to Holy Family at 8 o' clock each evening of the Triduum (Thursday, Friday and Saturday next), for three good experiences of drama and liturgy.
It all begins the evening of Holy Thursday. We remember the gathering in the Upper Room, when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. We remember his sad walk to Gethsemane and his agony. This liturgy begins at 8, with prayer continuing in the church until late that night.
Good Friday is a day for silence. It's good to retreat from the rush for a while that day. As well as the daytime celebrations (at 12 and 3), try to come to the Taizé hour that evening, again at 8. It should provide a good opportunity to sit back, relax and reflect.
Saturday night's liturgy is the climax of the whole year: no other moment is more significant. Jesus who died actually rose from the dead! It's true: we Christians believe it! With bonfires and candles, using light and darkness, we re-kindle that experience. (That's at 8 p.m. too)
Don't miss ‘Holy Week on the eights' in Holy Family. Everyone's welcome.
Fr Bernard
PS Good Friday is a day for fasting, but once the Easter Vigil is over, the feasting can begin. We start the ball rolling with a little celebration after the Easter Vigil. See you there! — BC


Biddy O'Neill, Centenary Row,
Old Youghal Road (first anniversary)
Martin & Agnes King, Alexandra Villas
Mary, Agnes & Ann King
Sheila O'Connor
Jimmy Coakley
Dr Cárthach McCarthy
(priest-in-charge from 1969 to 1979)

Altar Society meeting
It's ‘all hands on deck' for the Altar Society in Holy Week. To plan the week, a short meeting will be held in the Kitchen at 7 pm on Monday evening (before the Penitential Service at 7.30). See you there!

Trócaire boxes
Please bring your lenten contribution to Trócaire to the church this week. Trócaire envelopes will be brought up at the Offertory on Holy Thursday (at the 8 pm Mass).

The Easter bonfire
Next Saturday evening, we will celebrate the Easter Vigil at 8 pm, after the sun has set on this year's Lent. Weather permitting (and if it's not too cold!) the Easter fire will be lit outside, near the Holy Family grotto: from there we will process into the church with the Easter light, recalling the resurrection.

Supporting the Holy Land
A collection for the Holy Places will be taken up at the 3pm Liturgy on Good Friday.
This week's calendar
Monday 21 March: Holy Week
Mass 9.25 a.m. Penitential Service 7.30pm
Tuesday, 22 March: Holy Week
Mass 9.25 a.m.
Wednesday 23 March: Spy Wednesday
Mass 9.25 a.m., with Lectio divina
afterwards in the Kitchen
Thursday 24 March: Holy Thursday Mass 10 a.m. in the Cathedral only
If you are free, please come along.

The Easter Triduum
(Sunset Holy Thurs to sunset Easter Sun)

Holy Thursday
Solemn Mass at 8 p.m., remembering the Last Supper, where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and gave them the Eucharist.
— followed by Procession to the Place of Repose (remembering Jesus' agony in the garden). Prayer will continue until 11 p.m. (guided prayer from 10.30 to 11).

Good Friday
Stations of the Cross at 12 noon. The Celebration of the Passion will be at 3pm, the time of the death of our Saviour. We remember his passion, pray for the whole world and kiss the cross on which he died. Taizé-style ‘Prayer around the Cross' from 8 to 9 p.m. (music, silence, candlelight).

The joyful Easter Vigil is at 8pm on Holy Saturday (no 7pm Mass). Don't miss it! Mass on Easter Sunday morning is at 11.30.



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,10th. April 2005

Fr Bernard writes....

John Paul — the great?

With people all over the world, we mourn the loss of Pope John Paul II. We remember his momentous visit to Ireland in 1979 — even if he missed out on Cork. We stand in awe at his travels, his brave words, his inspiration, his slow decline and peaceful death.
Many people feel closer to God as the result of John Paul's life, particularly its end. Young people were drawn to him all along. Yet others became more alienated from the Church during his ministry, often because of words not spoken by him but by his helpers. The legacy of any human person is mixed, made up of good and bad alike.
I think Pope John Paul would be embarrassed at the adulation poured out since his death. Our late pope was a Catholic Christian as you and I are, rejoicing in the guarantees baptism gave him, yet relying on our prayers also.
He was called to high office as Bishop of Rome. With such a calling comes great responsibility. For all of these reasons, prayers for his salvation accompany all our happy memories and inspired reflections. With the help of our prayers, this simple man from Poland may one day be known as (St?) John Paul the Great!
Fr Bernard

Prayer for a deceased pope

Father, eternal shepherd,
hear the prayers of your people
for your servant John Paul II
who governed your Church with love.
In your mercy bring him, with the flock entrusted to his care, to the reward you have promised your faithful servants.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
— from the Roman Missal MCMLXXV


John Creedon, Old Youghal Road
Kathleen Nolan (née Hegarty)
William Ryan, Alexandra Road
Breda (Bunty) Ryan

Recent deaths
Of your charity, please pray for the soul of John McMenamin, Military Hill, who died on Good Friday and was buried on Easter Monday after Mass in Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Shanakiel.
The funeral Mass for Willie Parker took place on 5 April. Though not a parishioner, he often lunched in the Ambassador Hotel and came across to our church to pray, which is why his family asked that his funeral might take place here. He was well known in the pitch and putt fraternity, locally as well as internationally.
— May they rest in peace —

Finance Corner
Thanks to all who contributed to the Easter Sunday collection, which brought in €4,500 between Holy Family and St Patrick's. As a result, each of the three priests of the parish received €1,500 towards their annual income (up from €1,307 in 2004).

For the sweet-toothed...
A cake sale in aid of Holy Family Church funds will be held in the church porch at the weekend of 22-23 April. Tickets for a hamper and other prizes will be on sale at Mass times until then: five tickets for a euro!

Wedding anniversary
Congratulations to Con & Nancy Quirke, Bellevue Park, who celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary during Easter Week.

Invitation to locals
Please note the meeting on Wednesday night, regarding the relocation of St Patrick's Hospital and Marymount Hospice to a green field site (full details in St Patrick's section of newsletter). According to Management, the current site on Wellington Road has not yet been put on the market. The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss how it might be developed in the future. Wednesday night's gathering (in the Ambassador Hotel) will begin at 7.30 pm, according to CEO Kevin O'Dwyer, Military Hill.

This week's calendar
Monday 11 April: St Stanislaus, bishop of Cracow, Poland: murdered in 1097.
Tuesday, 12 April: Third week of Easter
Wednesday 13 April: St Martin I, the last pope to be venerated as a martyr (died in 655 from harsh treatment in prison).
Thursday 14 April: Third week of Easter
Friday 15 April: Third week of Easter
Sat 16 April: St Bernadette Soubirous, to whom Our Lady appeared in Lourdes.
Next Sunday's details
Sunday 17 April: Fourth Sunday of Easter, often called Good Shepherd Sunday (Day of Prayer for Vocations)
Readings: Acts 2:14, 36-41; Psalm 22;
1 Peter 2:20-25; John 10:1-10.

Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,17th. April 2005

Fr Bernard writes....

Next Sunday is election day on the Hill

What can be done about parking at Holy Family, now that there is disk parking all around? Are the church gates wide enough? Can they be changed to make it safer for everyone?
Does the hall require maintenance? Can the stairs be made more safe? Can the premises be developed so that more use is made of it locally?
How about the church? Is it comfortable enough? Are the microphones working well? Is the lighting okay? Is the health and safety of everyone using the church catered for? Are fire precautions adequate?
I do not know the answers to any of these questions. My training is in theology, not engineering. But there are many people in Holy Family area who could help tackle these and other management issues.
That's why I am setting up the ‘Holy Family Management Committee', so that lay people with expertise can deal with these questions (see the back page also). Nomination slips will be distributed and collected during Masses next weekend (23rd-24th April): please think a little about who you will nominate.
If lay people look after the management of the property, what will I be at? I can do the things I was ordained for: pray, preach, care for people as the Good Shepherd did. By helping form this committee, you will give the Priest-in-Charge (ie me!) the freedom to be a more effective minister to the whole community.
Fr Bernard

For the election of a new pope

Lord God,
you are our eternal shepherd and guide.
In your mercy grant your Church a shepherd
who will walk in your ways
and whose watchful care will bring us your blessing.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
— from the Roman Missal MCMLXXV


Con Lillis, Michael Spillane,
Timmy Ring (Rockspring Terrace)
Mary McCarthy.

Recent Baptism
Maeve Anne Hannon was baptised recently at Holy Family Church, the daughter of Sheila (née O'Keeffe, Bantry) and Kieran, whose parents Patrick & Norah live in the parish at Adelaide Place, Gardiners Hill.

Finance Corner
Thanks to all who contributed to collections during the latter half of March:
Fri. 25 March €272 (The ‘Holy Places') Sun. 27 March €1,380 (Easter Sunday)
St Patrick's Hospital Chapel (Mar.) €80
• Some of the larger bills paid include:
1st Mar: ESB bill €1,139 (two months)
25th Mar: Allianz €4,935 (insurance)

Your questions answered
How will the new management committee for Holy Family work?
1. It will assist in managing the curch and adjoining rooms, hall and grounds.
2. It will consist of six members:
• three people nominated by those attending Mass at Holy Family (next weekend);
• the Priest-in-Charge;
• two people nominated by him.
3. The Committee will have a three-year term and will meet at least four times a year
NB: The full ‘terms of reference' are posted in the church porch.

That marvellous cross
A feature of the Lent/Easter season at Holy Family has been the beautiful wooden cross which has graced the sanctuary. Its best day was Good Friday when it was venerated as ‘the wood of the cross, on which hung the saviour of the world'. The cross was crafted and prepared for use by Hans Neff, whom we warmly thank for this gift. Hans also re-painted the statuary in the Holy Family grotto, which now looks fresh and new, thanks to its recent cleaning and decoration.

Cake sale on 23/24 April
The prizes for next weekend's cake sale and raffle have been announced. These include hampers, a beautiful flower arrangement and bottles of whiskey, gin and vodka. The draw will be made at the end of Mass on 24 April.

This week's calendar
Monday 18 April: St Laserian (Molaise), 12th century abbot of the monastery at Leighlin, Co Carlow
Tuesday 19 April: 4th Week of Easter
Wednesday 20 April: 4th Week of Easter
Thursday 21 April: St Anselm, who was made Archbishop of Canterbury (against his will!) in 1093.
Friday 22 April: 4th Week of Easter
Saturday 23 April: St George, patron saint of England, Portugal, of the Scout Movement and of soldiers.
Sunday 24 April: Fifth Sunday of Easter
Readings: Acts 6:1-7; Psalm 32;
1 Peter 2:4-9; John 14:1-12.

Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,24th. April 2005

Fr Bernard writes....


Prayer for our new pope
Benedict XVI

God our Father,
shepherd and guide.
look with love on Pope Benedict your servant, the pastor of your Church.
May his word and example inspire and guide the Church, and may he, and all those entrusted to his care,
come to the joy
of everlasting life.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
— from the Roman Missal MCMLXXV


Denis Murnane, Military Road
Dan Kelly, Alexandra Villas
Neil & Josephine Mackey
Mary & Henry Curtin

Deaths of Parishioners
Chrissie Flannery, Wellington Road (St Lukes Cross) died peacefully on 13 April last at Avondale Nursing Home, Callan, Co Kilkenny. Her funeral Mass was celebrated at St Patrick's Church, Lower Road, followed by burial beside her late husband Jack at Kilquane Cemetery, Knockraha. She was deeply mourned by her daughter Bridget, stepdaughter Anne (McCarthy), sons-in-law, grandchildren and other relatives, former neighbours and friends.
Myra Kenefick, 20 Bellview Crescent, Old Youghal Road, died suddenly at her home on 15 April, less than 11 months after the unexpected death of her beloved husband Tim on 28 May 2004. Her funeral Mass at Holy Family Church was attended by a large congregation, which included many who knew Myra from Cork Opera House over the years. She was deeply mourned by her son Brian, and Joanne, and by her other relatives, neighbours and friends.
— May they rest in peace —

There has been a tremendous response to the Easter Dues (house-to-house) collection, with great generosity seen in people's responses. Some interesting replies to the survey have also been received, which can form the basis of future developments. If you still have a Dues envelope or (yellow) survey sheet at home, perhaps you might return both to the church as soon as you can.

Evening sessions in May
Carol Dorgan's Lenten lectio divina sessions, for people who wanted to understand the Sunday readings better, went very well. But not everyone was free for morning meetings. Simialr sessions are being arranged for the month of May, but in the evening — each Thursday evening from 7 to 8. You are very welcome to come along: Carol will give a reflection on what a lectio divina is like at the Masses next weekend.

This week's calendar
Monday 25 April: St Mark, the evangelist, whose symbol is a winged lion (feast day).
ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand
Tuesday, 26 April: 5th Week of Easter
Wednesday 27 April: St Asicus, St Patrick's expert craftsman in metal work: the saint of Elphin, Co Roscommon.
Thursday 28 April: St Peter Chanel, who was martyred on the island of Futuna, Oceania, for baptising the chief's son.
Friday 29 April: St Catherine of Siena, patron of Europe. Bishop John Buckley was ordained a bishop on this day in 1984.
Saturday 30 April: St Pius V, Dominican.
Sunday 1 May: Sixth Sunday of Easter
Readings: Acts 8:5-8; Psalm 65;
1 Peter 3:15-18; John 17:1-11.
Also Orthodox Easter Sunday (Julian calendar)


Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1st. May 2005

Fr Bernard writes....

White smoke over Military Hill

White smoke has now been seen over Military Hill, announcing successful elections to the Holy Family Church Management Committee. Donal Kelly (Victoria Terrace) and Betty Meade (Balmoral Terrace) both received the highest number of nominations, with Bridie O'Connor (Maryville) receiving just a couple fewer. All three have been invited to join the committee and have agreed. Congratulations all round!
In all, 154 nominations were received in last weekend's process, 66 at Saturday evening Mass on 23 April and 88 at Sunday morning Mass the next day (though 10 of these were found to be blank and one nomination proved unreadable).
The list of nominees and the numbers of nominations each person received will be published at Holy Family Church shortly. The full membership of the committee will be announced in next week's newletter, along with the date of its first meeting.
I am grateful to Pat & Mary Lane and to Bernard & Maureen Forde for organising last weekend's nomination process for our new Management Committe — and to Pat Lane for counting the nominations. And thanks to all the Mass-goers who took part in the process.
Fr Bernard

Don't miss this week's ecumenical service in Holy Family, at which Archbishishop Sean Brady will preach. It's on Thursday 5 May, from 6 pm to 7pm.


Recent baptism
Ruby Marian O'Connell was baptised recently at Holy Family Church, daughter of Michael & Joan O'Connell, ‘Kinross', Sidney Park.

Parishioner's death
Rosemarie (Rose) Hegarty, 146 Old Youghal Road, died peacefully on 18 April at Marymount Hospice. Her removal to Holy Family Church and Funeral Mass there were attended by many friends and former work colleagues at Cork University Hospital (who formed a guard of honour as her remains left the funeral home.) She is sadly missed by Paudie, her daughter Claire, her mother Ellen, her brothers and sister, relatives, neighbours and friends.
— May she rest in peace —

Cake Sale & Raffle news
Thanks to Bridie and her team for last weekend's Cake Sale and Raffle, which brought in the marvellous sum of €1,010. This has now been lodged to Holy Family's separate deposit account, bringing the balance there to €4,888 — for which, thanks!
• The winning tickets in the Raffle were drawn at the end of Mass on 24 April:
1. Kitty O'Sullivan, Woodland Villas
2. Michael Brennan, Ballyhooly Road
3. Chrissie Murphy, c/o Sr Kathleen's Club
4. Nora Crowley, Capwell
5. Sheila Scott, Ballyvolane
6. Marie Lenihan, Mt Vernon Terrace
7. Mary Loughlin, Blarney St
(Prizes listed on noticeboard in porch)
Have a cup of tea…
Join us for a cuppa on Thursday morning, to support the Alzheimers Society of Ireland: immediately after 9.25 Mass.

Wanted: table-assemblers!
Three new tables have been bought for the Holy Family Kitchen, but they arrived in ‘flatpack' form! Could someone with a screw-driver and an ability to read instructions assemble them - for Thursday's Alzheimers Tea Morning, please!

Bank Holiday Monday
Mass on Monday 2 May will be at the later time of 11.00 (for the bank holiday).

Prepare Sunday's readings
Carol Dorgan will lead Lectio divina on Thursday from 7-8 in Holy Family Kitchen (straight after the ecumenical service).

First Friday of May
Friday next is the First Friday of May. Calls will be made to the sick and housebound.

This week's calendar
Monday 2 May: St Ath
anasius, bishop and doctor of the church (Bank Holiday).
Tuesday, 3 May: Sts Philip & James, apostles
Wednesday 4 May: St Conleth of Kildare
Thursday 5 May: Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, a true lay apostle of Ireland.
6 & 7 May: First Friday & Saturday of May
Sunday 8 May: Ascension of the Lord
Readings: Acts 1:1-11; Psalm 46;
Ephesians 1:17-23; Matthew 28:16-20.



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,8th. May 2005

Fr Bernard writes....

I'd love to congratulate you— but I can't

I would love to honour the young people from the locality who received First Communion and Confirmation this year by including their names in upcoming newsletters. But I can't — because I don't know who they are!
Can I ask your help with this? If someone in your family or who lives on your street received either sacrament this year, let me know (having cleared it with their parents first, of course: just ask if they would mind having their names included in this newsletter).
I hope to list those who received Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday (ie next Sunday, 15 May). First Communicants will be honoured on the Feast of Corpus Christi, which falls two weeks later (on Sunday 29 May). In each case, the child's name and general address will be mentioned, our way of offering congratulations on this important milestone in their growth in faith.
There are a number of ways of sending in the children's names. You'll find a box just inside the main door at Holy Family Church: notices for this newsletter are welcome there (up to Thursday, any week). Or you can leave a message on the church's answering machine (our phone number is 450 9311). Or else, you can send an email, to holyfamilychurch@eircom.net
Fr Bernard

PS You'll find the three ways of getting in touch listed on the back page of this newsletter every Sunday (in the box at the end of the page).
Bits of local news and short notices concerning people in the general St Lukes / Old Youghal Road / Wellington Road / Montenotte area are always welcomed.
Thanks for all your support so far!


Hanora (Nora) West, Belmont Terrace,
Old Youghal Road (first anniversary)
John Lynch, Wellington Road
Frances Hughes
Bill McKeown
Catherine & Vera McKeown
Peter & May Curtin
May they rest in peace

Next Sunday's Speaker
Sister Mary Kernan, of the Irish Sisters of Charity (our neighbours in St Patrick's Hospital), will speak at the 11.30 Mass next Sunday (Pentecost). She will reflect on ‘vocation' in the light of the great feastday.

Welcoming people!
The delegates from all over Ireland who attended the ecumenical prayer service at Holy Family Church on Thursday night last were delighted with the welcome they received and with the large local attendance at the service. The building looked its best, festooned with bunting and sporting the European Capital of Culture flag. It was a great honour to have the presence of Archbishop Sean Brady of Armagh at the service, along with local Bishops Buckley and Colton and many other dignitaries.
During the conference which followed, a useful contact was made with two of the local Methodist ministers, Rev Laurence Graham (Ardfallen) and Rev Geraldine Gracie (Kinsale). It's hoped that the 110th anniversary of the opening of the chapel on Military Hill (which falls on 25 September next) will be jointly marked by Catholics and Methodists, at our historic building.

Finance Corner
Thanks to all who contributed to Holy Family Church collections during April:
Sun. 3 April €570 (Shrines €139)
Sun 10 April €455
(Shrines €121, Publications €90)
Sun. 17 April €500 (Shrines €108)
Sun. 24 April €435
For the Episcopal Commissions €200
St Patrick's Hospital Chapel (April) €70
• One of the larger bills paid in April was:
12th April: Liam Feehely Ltd €3,257 (repainting part of sanctuary/church doors)

This week's calendar
Monday 9 May: 7th Week of Easter.
Tuesday, 10 May: St Comgall of Bangor. Also Blessed Damien (Fr Damien of Moloka'i in Hawaii, the ‘leper priest').
Wednesday 11 May: 7th Week of Easter
Thursday 12 May: St Nereus & Achilleus, martyred in 304). Also St Pancras, a boy of 14 who suffered at the same time. Today is International Nurses / Midwives Day (UN).
Friday 13 May: Our Lady of Fatima
Saturday 14 May: St Matthias, apostle.
Sunday 15 May: Pentecost Day
Readings: Acts 2:1-11; Psalm 103;
1 Corinthians 12:3-7, 12-13; John 20:19-23.

Watch this space!
The full list of members of the new ‘Holy Family Church Management Committee' will be in next weekend's newsletter.

Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,15th. May 2005

Holy Spirit, Lord of Light...
— A sequence or poetic prayer to the Holy Spirit,
prayed during the Mass of Pentecost Day.

Holy Spirit, Lord of light,
From the clear celestial height,
Thy pure beaming radiance give.

Come, thou Father of the poor,
Come with treasures which endure;
Come, thou light of all that live!

Thou, of all consolers best,
Thou, the soul's delightful guest,
Dost refreshing peace bestow;

Thou in toil art comfort sweet;
Pleasant coolness in the heat;
Solace in the midst of woe.

Thou, on us who evermore
Thee confess and thee adore,
With thy sevenfold gifts descend:

Give us comfort when they die;
Give us life with thee on high;
Give us joys which never end.


Peggy Hopkins, Sidneyville,
Bellevue Park (first anniversary)
Carmel Fitzgibbon, Ferncliffe Villas,
Bellevue Park
Mrs Agnes Lynch, Military Hill
Elizabeth Mahony, Sunmount
Joseph King, Patrick King
Margaret Vaughan
May they rest in peace

A ‘thank you' note was received from the I.I.C.M., who arranged the ecumenical service at Holy Family 10 days ago (the note itself is posted in the porch):
‘Bernard —
With our thanks to you and your congregation for hosting the Irish Inter-Church Meeting in your parish for our opening service — much appreciated
+ Peter, Cashel & Ossory
+ Sean Brady Michael Earle'

And Also...
A congratulatory email was received from Prof Máiréad Nic Craith, daughter of Tom & Máiread McGrath, Wellington Road:
‘Fr Bernard
I heard that you had a great night recently in the Holy Family Church with the ecumenical celebrations. I think such events are becoming increasingly important as they offer us rare opportunities to meet and pray with other Christians. Praying together helps us discover that our religious traditions are much closer than we might have believed in the past. As a former organist at Holy Family Church, I'm delighted that ‘my family church' was the location for such an important event. Well done to all involved. — Máiréad.'

On this Pentecost Sunday, we congratulate the young people in the local area confirmed this year — including Niamh Barrett, Ballyvolane (grand-daughter of John & Kathleen Currid, Bellevue Crescent).

This week's calendar
Ordinary Time begins: the Easter candle is put away, except for baptisms and funerals. The Easter cross is stored until Lent 2006.
Monday 16 May: St Brendan (Kerry)
Tuesday 17 May: 7th Week, Ordinary Time
Wednesday 18 May: St John I, pope and martyr, died at Ravenna in 526.
Thurs. 19 May: 7th Week, Ordinary Time
Friday 20 May: St Bernadine (Franciscan preacher) patron of advertisers, communications and public relations personnel.
Sat 21 May: St Christopher Magallánes & companions (Mexican martyrs, killed 1927)
Sunday 22 May: Trinity Sunday
Readings: Exodus 34:4-6, 8-9; Psalm from Daniel 3; 2 Peter 13:11-13; John 3:16-18.

Keep watching this space!
The Holy Family Management Committee membership is not finalised yet: hopefully it will be by next weekend.



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,22nd. May 2005

Oodles more white smoke on the Hill!

The full line-up of the Holy Family Church Management Committee has been announced. The Committee will have its first meeting this Monday night in the Sacristy.
The Committee has six members, including (firstly) the three who received the top number of nominations in the vote at Masses on 23rd-24th April last:
1. Donal Kelly, Victoria Terrace,
Alexandra Road;
2. Betty Meade, Balmoral Terrace,
Old Youghal Road;
3. Bridie O'Connor, Maryville,
Old Youghal Road.
Fr Bernard is also a member of the Committee and, in accordance with the terms of reference, he has nominated Capt. Pat Dermody, Sunmount, Military Hill and Tom McGrath, Montpellier Terrace, Wellington Road to be members. (Fr Bernard and Tom McGrath are also members of St Patrick's Parish Finance Committee, along with Jean Kelleher, Pat Lane, Joe Tighe and Canon Liam, which oversees the finances of both churches.)
Items on the agenda for the first meeting of the Management Committee at Holy Family include a proposal to improve the heating in the church and hall, a review of parking in the grounds and a look at some practical areas in which the Committee can help with the management of the plant. You are welcome to bring your suggestions and concerns on these or any other matters to any member of the Committee. Reports on Committee meetings will be carried regularly in Holy Family News.
The list of those nominated to this body and the number of nominations each received has been prepared for inspection by Pat Lane, who organised the process. This list will be displayed on the Sacristy notice-board until the end of the month.


Recent Baptisms
Billy Desmond Downey was baptised recently at Holy Family Church, son of Alan & Michelle, and grandson of Bill & Phil Downey, Bellview Crescent.
Baptised on the same day was Hugo Mikolaj Meagher, son of Patrick & Jolanta, and grandson of John & Honor Meagher, Vosterburg, Montenotte.

Well done!
The recent Tea Day and raffle in aid of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland raised €300 for this worthy cause. Thanks for your help.

Marking next Sunday
The celebration of the ‘Body and Blood of Christ' (Corpus Christi) next Sunday is all the more special during the ‘Year of the Eucharist', as this year was designated by the late Pope John Paul II. The feast will be marked in three ways:
1. Communion under both species (bread and wine) will be offered at the 11.30 Mass in Holy Family Church next Sunday;
2. Congratulations will be offered in next week's newsletter to any local children who received First Communion this year. If you would like to see your child's name mentioned on this page, please let us know before next Thursday (by one of the means suggested in the section at end of this page).
3. The City's Eucharistic Procession takes place next Sunday afternoon. The parish contingent will leave from outside St Patrick's Church around 3pm.

Your questions answered
Why was that bill for painting in Holy Family Church so large, people asked when they saw the sum in a recent newsletter (it came to €3,257.) To explain: not only were the three outside doors of the church stripped down and re-painted, the whole wall behind the Sacred Heart statue and that of Our Lady were also painted, complete with the intricate design. The marks on the walls where the amplifiers had been removed were also plastered and painted.

This week's calendar
23 & 24 May: 8th Week, Ordinary Time
Wednesday 25 May: St Bede the Venerable, doctor of the Church. (Also ‘Africa Day')
Thursday 26 May: St Philip Neri, great preacher: patron saint of joy.
Friday 27 May: St Augustine of Canterbury, apostle to the English
Sunday 29 May: ‘Corpus Christi'
Readings: Deut 8:2-3, 14-16; Psalm 147; 1 Corinthians 10:16-17; John 6:51-58.

Meet Fr Brian Darcy!
Fr Bernard's new book (Scandalous Saints & Spirited Sinners, published by Veritas) will be launched in Cork on the evening of 21 June by the well-known priest, Fr Brian Darcy. All Holy Family parishioners are welcome to the launch. Because it will be an all-ticket affair, we will need to know now if you can attend. If you would like to, simply hand in your name and address at the church before Thursday next. How? See below.

Names of children receiving First Communion this year are invited. Drop a note in to Holy Family Church, Military Hill (box in porch), or email holyfamilycork@eircom.net or telephone the church (450 9311), — no later than Thursday. (Names and addresses of those attending the book launch in the Veritas Bookshop, Carey's Lane on the evening of 21 June can be submitted in the same way.)


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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,29th. May 2005

Mass: your questions answered

Is it a sin to miss Mass on a Sunday? It's a sin to ask the question, answered one bishop (tongue-in-cheek). Going to Mass on Sunday is an essential part of being a Catholic.
Why so? Three reasons:
1. Ours is a communal kind of faith. We're not the ‘into-your-own-room-and-pray-to-your-private-God' kind of Christians. Catholics pray together at the drop of a hat, believing that prayers said together are much more powerful than those said alone. And Mass brings us together. Maybe seeing others at Mass helps us remember that they are struggling too.
2. The Sunday gathering gives us inspiration for the week, ‘enough to be going on with', as we'd say. Of all the words that make up a Mass, one phrase or a sentence can be just the inspiration we need to get us through the week. These helpful words can be found in a song or a prayer, a reading, psalm, homily or the gospel. Through the words of the Mass, we are helped through the week.
3. The food we eat and drink at Mass gives us strength for the following days. Holy Communion (the Body and Blood of Christ, under the form of bread, and sometimes wine too) helps us become better Christians. In this amazing food, we receive enough grace to survive the week — but after seven days, it's time for more!
Enjoy - and appreciate - your Mass.
Fr Bernard

O sacrum convivium
—attributed to St Thomas Aquinas

O Sacred Banquet, in which Christ is received!
The memory of his passion is told again.
Grace fills our minds and hearts —
and a pledge of future glory is given unto us.


First Communion
On this feast of Corpus Christi, we congratulate the children who received the Lord for the first time this year, especially:
Michael O'Donovan, Bellevue Crescent and Alex McKeown, Mt Vernon Terrace.
• May our children appreciate the gift of the Eucharist all their lives long.

Deaths of Parishioners
Peter Mahony, Military Road, died peacefully on 16 May at the Mercy Hospital. A native of Doonbeg, Co Clare, he was pre-deceased by his dear friend Maureen (Molly) O'Sullivan. His passing was mourned by brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, relatives, friends and neighbours on Military Road, which will not be the same without Peter's much-loved cats and dogs. He was buried in Ovens Cemetery after Mass at Holy Family Church.
Agnes McIntyre, Belmont, Montenotte, mother of the late Aidan, died peacefully at Marymount Hospice on 20 May. She is sadly missed by her loving husband Richard (Dick) and her family Finten, Patricia, Una, Sally and Eamonn. Her remains were removed to St Joseph's Church, Mayfield, which she and her husband attended each Sunday. After her funeral Mass, she was buried in Ardfinnan, Co. Tipperary.

Remembering loved ones
Please remember in your prayers Tim Kenefick, Bellevue Park, whose first anniversary occurred on 28 May, and Myra, his wife, who died in April. Remember also Jimmy Gibbons who died recently in Canada: he was married to Josephine (McKeown, Mt Vernon Terrace). Others whose anniversaries occur include Jim & Anne Lehane, Dick Ryan, Elizabeth Lillis and Michael Dorgan, St Lukes Villas.

This week's calendar
Monday 30 May: Bank holiday in Britain and N. Ireland, Memorial Day in the US.
Tuesday 31 May: Visitation of the BVM.
Wednesday 1 June: St Justin, martyr.
Thursday 2 June: Sts Marcellinus & Peter. Friday 3 June: THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS (Solemn feast). First Friday of June.
Sat 4 June: Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Sun 5 June: 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Readings: Hosea 6:3-6; Psalm 49;
Romans 4:18-25; Matthew 9:9-13.

Advance notice
Catholics and Methodists are invited to an ‘Ecumenical Service of Thanksgiving' in Holy Family Church on Sunday 25 September next (at 7pm), to mark the 110th anniversary of the opening of the church.

First-ever meeting
The first meeting of Holy Family Management Committee elected Pat Dermody to the Chair and Donal Kelly as Secretary. Discussions focussed on heating, work on the entry gate, fire precautions and a sign to advertise church services. A temporary (plastic) sign for this will appear on the front wall shortly: your comments will be noted before a permanent sign replaces it.



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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5th. June 2005

Catholics & Methodists to worship together

We were delighted to welcome the Rev. Geraldine Gracie to our church at Military Hill recently. Parishioners may remember her from the ecumenical service: she was one of those presiding in the sanctuary, with Archbishop Brady etc. Rev. Gracie is the Methodist Minister at Kinsale, as well as the assistant at the Cork Methodist Centre at Ardfallen.
During her visit, a full tour of the church and hall was organised, as well as a viewing of two interesting souvenirs from the history of the church, which she brought along on the day:
• A photo taken while the church was being built (around 1894-1895!)
• An early model/plan of the church, which included a limestone spire where the roofed tower now stands. (Now we know what to do if we ever win the Lotto!)
As well as looking around the church, we took the opportunity to finalise plans for our 110th anniversary next September. Cork's Methodist community will be invited to join our community for a service of thanksgiving on the actual anniversary. Since that day is All-Ireland Sunday (25 September, the feast of St Finbarr), we opted for an evening celebration, well after the match (7 pm)
Two weeks later, the annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service is being celebrated at Ardfallen: our community is being invited to participate in that celebration (also at 7pm, on Sunday 9 October).
In preparation for 25 September, I suggested we might learn a couple of John Wesley's hymns over the summer months: our Methodist friends will learn some of the music familiar to us in preparation for our visit to them on 9 October.
Any other ideas for either celebration are most welcome!
Fr Bernard


Recently Married
Congratulations to Des Hopkins, Sidneyville, Bellevue Park, who married Elaine O'Sullivan in Macroom in early May. And congratulations to Edward Kingston, Military Road, who married Karen O'Connell in Alicante recently.

Sincere sympathy
Our sympathy is extended to Valerie Paul, Sunville, Wellington Road, on the recent death of her father;
Also to Chris Lavin, Verdon Row, St Lukes, on the death (last weekend) of her sister.

This week's calendar
Monday 5 June (Bank Holiday): St Jarlath of Tuam; St Norbert (Germany)
Tuesday 7 June: St Colman of Dromore Wed 8 June: 10th Week of Ordinary Time
Thursday 9 June: St Columba (Colmcille), Abbot & Missionary, secondary patron of Ireland. Born in Donegal, died at Iona.
Friday 10 June: 10th Week of Ordinary Time
Saturday 11 June: St Barnabas, apostle
Sunday 12 June: 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Readings: Exodus 19:2-6; Psalm 99; Romans 5:6-11; Matthew 9:36 to 10:8.

Bank Holiday Mass time
Monday is the June Bank Holiday (not Whit Monday, which was the day after Pentecost, ie 16th May!). Mass will be celebrated at the regular weekday time of 9.25 a.m.
(For bank holidays in the winter, Mass can be at 11.00 a.m., if that suits people better.)

Dorothy O'Sullivan; Julia Hickey
Cyril Fahy; Eileen Punch
• May they rest in peace

Finance Corner
Thanks to all who contributed at Holy Family Church during May:
1 May €530
8 May €480 Shrines €163
15 May €615 Shrines €242
22 May €545
29 May €485 Shrines €122
One of the larger bills paid in May was:
4th May: ESB (12 Feb to 18 Ap) €1154.33

St Lukes Knitting map
You are invited to view the Knitting Map at St Lukes and find out more about this unique project for European Capital of Culture. Knitters work all day in the crypt of St Luke's (accessible from Mahonys Avenue).
Project opening hours this week:
Sunday 1-5pm;
Monday (Bank Holiday) CLOSED;
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday 10-3pm;
(Thursday 5-9pm in addition);
Saturday 10-5pm.
For further information, phone 455 3106, or visit the website: www.halfangel.ie

Useful information
Fr Bernard's phone number: 450 2696
Email: frbernard@eircom.net
Urgent calls: 087 825 2284
Holy Family Church number: 450 9311
Email: holyfamilycork@eircom.net

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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,12th. June 2005

A long busy summer for our church

Two major projects will be completed at Holy Family Church over the summer months: the installation of a new (gas-fired) central heating system, and remedial works on the stairs to the hall. Work on the stairs is overdue. When this is completed at the end of June, the structure will be narrower, but the dangerous steps at the corners will have been removed.
The installation of the central heating will involve much more work and possibly some disruption. Eight two-metre radiators will be installed on each side of the church. Radiators will also be erected in the entrance hall, sanctuary, sacristy, crèche, kitchen and church hall. (The only place where radiators cannot go is the gallery, where the back wall is sheeted and would not hold a radiator. However we are assured that, since heat rises, this area will feel as warm as the rest of the church.)
So that the radiators can be evenly spaced along the church wall, the confession box will be temporarily removed. Confessions will be heard in the pews (on request) before or after any Mass.
Installing the heating system will take most of the summer, beginning at the back of the church where the boiler will be placed. Whenever work is being done in the church itself, the building will be closed straight after weekday Mass, except for funerals. (Such closures will be announced the previous weekend.)
If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to approach any member of the Management Committee, who are supervising these works. Your generous support of the collection at Mass has made it possible for the parish to pay for both projects. Fr Bernard

PS This is the last edition of Holy Family News until September. When publication resumes, could you help produce it? (Typists, designers, compilors etc needed!) Think about it —Fr B


Died during the week
Tadhg O'Mullane, 3 Beechmount Place, Wellington Road, died unexpectedly on 7th June at the Bon Secours Hospital. A native of Dromahane, he was deeply mourned by his loving wife Eileen, his sons and daughters. his grandchildren and all his relatives. He was buried in St Gobnait's Cemetery, Mallow, in his native North Cork, after the funeral Mass in Holy Family Church.
• May he rest in peace

Earlier start
Please note that morning Mass on Wednesday morning next (15 June) will start at the earlier time of 9.20.

Calendar (to 30th June)
Monday 13 June: St Anthony of Padua, (Franciscan priest) patron of lost items, sailors, shipwrecks, travellers and the poor.
Tuesday 14 June: St Davnet.
Sun 19 June: 12th Sun in Ordinary Time Readings: Jeremiah 20:10-13; Psalm 68; Romans 5:12-15; Matthew10:26-33.
Monday 20 June: The Irish Martyrs
Tuesday 21 June: St Aloysius Gonzaga.
Wednesday 22 June: Saints Thomas More and John Fisher (English martyrs)
Friday 24 June: Birth of St John the Baptist
Sun 26 June: 13th Sun in Ordinary Time Readings: 2 Kings 4:8-11,14-16; Psalm 88; Romans 6:3-4, 8-11; Matthew 10:37-42. NB: Peter's Pence collection on 26 June.
Wednesday 29 June: Saints Peter (patron of bridge-makers, longevity, fishermen & locksmiths) and Paul (patron of writers, public relations personnel and publishers).
Fr Bernard's book
The launch of Scandalous Saints & Spirited Sinners takes place on Tuesday week, 21 June. But copies of the book are being sold already — at the Veritas Bookshop, Carey's Lane, Cork (price €8.95).

The future of our Church
The Cork & Ross Diocesan Strategy, which will influence clergy appointments and parish changes over the coming years, was published on Friday last. A summary of the document is available at churches. The full report can be got from the diocesan office (phone 430 1717) or on the diocesan website (www.corkandross.org). The core section will be in next Monday's Evening Echo.

Take plenty notes!
This is the last edition of Holy Family News until September. We hope that ‘absence will make the heart grow fonder' and that you will have plenty of news to share with other readers in September. To make sure that nothing that happens over the summer months is forgotten, please note any local news you become aware of (wedding anniversaries, bereavements, succesess, changes etc) and let us know about them (see below for how). See you in Sept!
Local news welcome: birthdays, anniversaries, beareavements. For publication in September, drop a note to Holy Family Church, or phone 450 9311, or email holyfamilycork@eircom.net

Useful information
Keep these details handy over the summer
Fr Bernard's phone number: 450 2696
Email: frbernard@eircom.net
All urgent calls: 087 825 2284
Holy Family Church number: 450 9311
Email: holyfamilycork@eircom.net


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11th. September 2005

11th. September 2005

Spread the word

Can I ask a couple of favours? In a few weeks, we will mark the 110th anniversary of the church. There at least two ways you can help:
1. Let people know about the celebrations: especially anyone who has moved away from the area. Tell people who don't usually come to Holy Family that all will be welcome to the ecumenical service and reception on Sunday 25th, and to the Mass and social on Friday 30th. It can be a time for old friends, as well as new friendships.
2. Have you any photos or mementos from the church over the years? We want wedding snaps that feature the church or photos of individuals and groups associated with the church. We hope to have an exhibition from 25 to 30 September. Have a search through the presses, even the attic. You'd never know what you might find!
Fr Bernard

Anniversary celebrations
on Military Hill
25 - 30 September

Sunday 25 September
Catholics and Methodists give thanks to God together for the 110 years of Christian worship in this church (Methodist worship from 1895 to 1949 and Catholic worship from 1949 to the present day).
Ecumenical service 7 pm, followed by a reception for all in the Church Hall.
Exhibition of photos etc begins today in church and continues all week. Contact Kay Dunne if you can help.

Friday 30 September
Mass of thanksgiving 7pm, preceded by prayer in the church all day.
Social Evening in the Ambassador Hotel, begining at 8 pm. Tickets on sale for €10. Further information over the page.

News & Notices

Well done to Joe & Sheila Cogan, Alexandra Terrace, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary during the week

Coffee morning next Thursday
Irelands Biggest Coffee Morning will be celebrated next Thursday on Military Hill, in support of our neighbours in Marymount. You are welcome to have a cuppa in the Holy Family Kitchen (behind the sacristy), any time between 9.25 Mass and noon.

Tickets for Holy Family Social
Be sure to get your ticket for the Social Evening at the Ambassador Hotel on Friday 30 September, ‘eight ‘till late’. Tickets (just €10 each) on sale after weekend Masses, or from Fr Bernard, Betty Meade, Con Quirke or Bridie O’Connor.

Old photos needed
If you have an old photo of Military Hill or its people, please get in touch with Kay Dunne at 450 8014. Kay is organising the exhibition in the church for the anniversary celebrations at the end of the month and will be grateful for any help you can give.

Freda Cahill, Mt Vernon Terrace
Kitty Healy, Sundays Well
Michael Twomey, Windsor Terrace, St Lukes (first anniversary occured recently)

News from the summer months

Baptism in June
Sile Moran-O'Callaghan, daughter of Emmet and Jillian, Lansdowne Court, St Patrickís Hill was baptised at Holy Family Church in June. Congratulations!

Deaths in June
Michael Joseph Davitt, a native of Bellevue Park, died suddenly on 19 June last. His cremation took place after funeral Mass in St Patrick's Church, Lower Road.
Fr John Manning, a retired priest of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, who had lived and ministered in his native Mayfield for a number of years, died peacefully on 24 June last.

June Financial Corner
Thanks to all who contributed at Holy Family Church during June:
4/5 June €580
11/12 June €473 Shrines €84
Publications €102
18/19 June €460
25/26 €370 Peter’s Pence €520
One of the larger bills paid in June was:
20 June: €1200. Cost of fixing long-standing flaw in stairs to Holy Family church hall, rendering it completely safe for use.
News from July in next week’s Newsletter

Help with PowerPoint
We hope to include a PowerPoint presentation of images of the locality in the upcoming ecumenical service. But we need help to compile same. Would anyone with expertise ring Fr Bernard at 450 2696? Thanks!


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18th. September 2005

18th. September 2005

It is time for us to say sorry

The year was 1949. The local parish had just bought Military Hill Church. Changes were being made to make the building suitable for Catholic worship. The huge pipe organ that filled the sanctuary was taken out, to make room for the altar and tabernacle.
Outside, changes were minimal. But to signify that the building was now Catholic, crosses were placed on the roof. This was done at two points, front and back: both crosses remain in place to the present day.
These crosses replaced another symbol, the fleur-de-lis, another beautiful image of Christ. As each fleur-de-lis was lowered from the building, shouts were heard: ‘Down with the Prods!'. One of the children who used these slogans, now a man, told me the story himself.
It was a different age, a triumphalistic time, long before ecumenism was heard of among Catholics. In the mindset of 1949, the worship of the previous 50 years was somehow inferior. The Christians who gathered in the building to sing God's praises were written out of the building's history: a great wrong was done.
For all these sins against our Methodist fellow-Christians, it's time to say sorry. The ecumenical service on 25 September will include acts of penitence for past misdeeds and a sign of peace, as a gesture of hope for the future.
Next Sunday evening we will remember that God has been worshipped in Military Hill Church for 110 years, in different ways by different people — but the object of worship has always been the same: the Lord of love.
Fr Bernard

PS Please tell your Christian friends and neighbours about the service on Sunday next, 25 September, at 7pm. All are welcome to sing God's praises — and to the reception in the church hall afterwards. Fr B.

News & Notices

Sincere sympathy
The sympathy of the community is extended to Agnes McCarthy, Maryville, on the death of her sister Rita; also to Chrissie Cashman, Marian Villas on the sudden death of her daughter Ann. May they rest in peace.

Jane Lucey, Mt Vernon Terrace
Patrick Lynch, Mt Vernon View.

Are you coming to the party?
Some tickets are still available for the evening of ‘ceol, craic & finger food' at the Ambassador Hotel on Friday 30 September, 8 pm. Just €10 each, tickets are on sale after weekend Masses, or from Fr Bernard, Betty Meade, Con Quirke or Bridie O'Connor.

A question for our seniors:
Who got married in Holy Family Church in the 1950s and 1960s? Who was christened? What big events were celebrated? Have you any photos from the past? Or historic shots of the St Lukes area? If you have anything of interest, please loan it to us for exhibition next week. Drop it in to the sacristy, with your name and caption on the back. Further information from Kay Dunne at 450 8014.

Organising the Mass on 30 Sept
Please help us plan a creative liturgy for Friday 30 Sept (7pm), the night of the party. A meeting to plan that Mass will be held this Wed. night (21st) at 7.30 in the Sacristy.

News from the summer months

Diocesan changes took effect on 1 July. Canon Liam Leader resigned as PP to became Assistant Priest at St Patrick's, while Fr John Cotter took over as Parish Priest.

Baptism in July
Kane Finbarr O'Brien, son of Finbarr & Kay (Monaher), 26 Bellview Crescent was baptised at St Michael's Church, Collins Barracks in July. Congratulations!

Deaths in July
Grace O'Looney, Sidney Park, died at the Montenotte Care Centre on 11 July. After her funeral Mass at St. Patrick's Church, cremation took place at Newlands Cross, Dublin.
Sincere sympathy is extended to Kevin O'Kelly, Bellevue Park, on the death of his mother, Breda O'Kelly, Middle Glanmire Road, dearly loved wife of Hugh: also to Sean Dunne, Bellevue Park, on the death of his mother, Kathleen (Cáit), formerly of Magnolia Terrace, Lower Glanmire Road.

July Financial Corner
Thanks to all who contributed at Holy Family Church during July:
2/3 July €630
9/10 July €488 Shrines €88
16/17 July €420
23/24 July €460 Shrines €50
30/31 July €415 Publications €215
One of the larger bills paid in July was:
19 July: €34,050. First payment for installation of new gas-fired heating system.

News from August in next week's Newsletter

This Week's Calendar
Monday 19 September: St Januarius, martyr. Tuesday 20: Saints Andrew Kim Taegon (the first Korean priest), Andrew Chong (catechist) and 101 companions, all Korean martyrs, who died between 1839 and 1867.
Wednesday 21: St Matthew, apostle and evangelist, patron saint of accountants, book-keepers, tax collectors, customs officers and security guards. Today is the autumnal equinox (12 hours day and 12 hours night).
Thursday 22: 25th Week in Ordinary Time
Friday 23: St Pius of Pietralcina (Padre Pio). Also St Eunan, patron of Raphoe (Donegal)
Sunday 25: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A readings). Ezekiel 18:25-28. Psalm 24. Philippians 2:1-11. Matthew 21:28-32
Sunday 25 September is also the feast day of St Finbarr, patron of the city and diocese of Cork, which may be celebrated as a solemnity in Cork diocese.

HolyFamily News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

25th. September 2005

What would St Finbarr think?

Today is St Finbarr's Day, the feastday of this city and of the diocese of Cork. Finbarr was that legendary soul who left the beautiful island in Gougane Barra where he had his hermitage, for the mouth of the Lee — where he also founded a monastery, at Cork. Traditonally he is believed to be buried near St Fin Barre's (Church of Ireland) Cathedral, the site of that first monastery.
The faith Finbarr preached was the faith the Christians of Cork hold dear to this day. He witnessed to a Christianity undivided — before the Great Schism between East and West in 1054 and long before the Reformation and all the different religious groupings formed in its wake. In Finbarr's days, Christians were united, just as Christ had wished.
On St Finbarr's Day in 1895, Military Hill Church was opened by the Rev J Ernest Clapham of London. It was known as ‘one of the most beautiful and comfortable sanctuaries in Irish Methodism'. For 54 years the Lord's praises were sung here by Christ's Methodist followers.
In 1949, the church was blessed by Bishop Cohalan and has been used for worship by Christ's Roman Catholic followers in the years since. But now in 2005, 110 years to the day since it first opened, Christ's Methodist and Roman Catholic followers unite to sing praise to God together.
We may not be fully one yet, but we all strive to bring back the unity among believers that marked the early Church. Praying and celebrating together is a good start. St Finbarr would surely approve!
Fr Bernard

Ecumenical Service this Sunday evening at 7 pm

News & Notices

Recent death
Margaret (Peggy) Wrenne, Alexandra Place, St Lukes, died suddenly at her home on 12 September last. She was the wife of the late Sean and loving mother of Laurence, Justin, Sheila, Meg and the late John. Her burial took place in Mogeely Cemetery after Mass in St Joseph's Church, Castlemartyr.
John Monahan, Ballyhooley Road
Sr Killian Dineen, Ardfoyle
—May they rest in peace —

The Sisters at St Patrick's Hospital recently celebrated their ‘Foundation Day', marking 135 years at Wellington Road. We wish them well on this significant anniversary.

No Mass Friday morning
Mass on Friday morning next 30 September is cancelled: all are invited to join in the Mass of remembrance and thanksgiving on Friday evening at 7 pm.
It's great to hear of former residents coming back to join us for the celebrations: feel free to invite any others you have known. Let us worship God together.

Thanks for the memories
We are grateful to those who shared photos and memories for the exhibition, this festive week. Thanks especially to Kay Dunne for organising the event, which will be available for viewing this Sunday evening at the time of the ecumenical service and on Friday evening at Mass time (both are at 7 pm). If you have a photo to add, please be sure to put your name on the back, and a caption, and bring it along to Kay at either ceremony.

News from the summer months

August Financial Corner
Thanks to all who contributed at Holy Family Church during August:
6-7 August €472 Shrines €141
13-14 August €445
15 August (holyday) €120
20-21 August €630
• Cake sale in aid of Niger famine appeal held that weekend brought in €1750 (forwarded to Oxfam c/o Enda Lynch, Wellington Rd)
27-28 August €555
St Patrick's Hospital July collection (€80) and August collection (€70) also received
One of the larger bills paid in August was:
2 August: Jeffers Music Co Ltd €4,995. Purchase and installation of new organ

The North Kerry connection
Great work was done on the church gates over the summer months. The gates themselves were raised, making them easier to open and close, while the corners of the gateposts were sheared back, making it possible to open them wider. The work was done by North Kerry man Paddy Guerin, at the behest of another (anonymous) North Kerry man! Thanks to all involved.

This Week's Calendar
Monday 26 September: St Cosmas and Damian, martyrs.
Tuesday 27: Saint Vincent de Paul, French priest. Patron of all charities, hospitals, prisoners, volunteers.
Wednesday 28: St Wenceslaus, Prince of Bohemia. Patron of brewers.
Thursday 29 (feast day): Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, archangels (Also called Michaelmas Day, a traditonal ‘quarter' day).
Friday 30: St Jerome, doctor of the church; patron saint of librarians.
Saturday 1 October: St Thérèse of Lisieux, patron of the missions, florists and France.
Today is International Day for the Elderly (designated by the United Nations)
Sunday 2 October: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, ‘Day for Life' in Ireland (Year A readings). Isaiah 5:1-7. Psalm 79. Philippians 4:6-9. Matthew 21:33-43

Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

2nd. October 2005

We should feel very proud after last Sunday
All of us in the parish should feel justly proud of the very warm and sincere welcome given to our Methodist sisters and brothers last Sunday evening at Holy Family Church for the Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving.
A huge amount of careful and generous work beforehand had gone into preparing:
• the church, beautifully decorated with flowers inside and out;
• the Service itself, and
• the ‘cuppa' after, which was a feast in itself, thanks to the ladies of the Holy Family community.
Rev Lawrence Graham, Rev Geraldine Gracie and Fr Bernard led the Service jointly – an historic ‘first' for the Church in its 110 years of existence as a place of worship. Readings and prayers were carefully chosen to mark the theme, and read by different members of each congregation. For many people present, our church held precious memories, some of which were recalled by Rev Geraldine in her sermon. Lighted candles and gifts were exchanged by the ministers as symbols of Christian sharing, and this was extended in the form of a collection within the congregation for Cork Simon Community.
Rev. Lawrence has kindly invited us all to the Harvest Festival — taking place in Ardfallen Methodist Centre on next Sunday, 9 October at 7.30 p.m.

Bus trip to Ardfallen
If you would like a free bus trip to the Harvest Service in Ardfallen next Sunday evening (9 October), please give your name in to the sacristy no later than Tuesday. The bus will leave Military Hill at 6.45pm sharp.

News & Notices

Recent death
Agnes Moon, 1 Military Road, died at the Mercy Hospital on 19 September last, after a short illness. Her death was a great cause of sadness for her husband John, her family Geraldine, John and Arlene, her brothers, sisters, sons-in-law, granddaughters, relatives and her dear neighbours on Military Road. Her membership of Collins' Pitch & Putt Club and of St Joseph's Ladies Association were highlighted during her funeral Mass, as was her role (with some neighbours) in keeping Holy Family Church open when its closure had been considered.
Dick McAuliffe, Sidney Park (first anniv.)
Ann & Patrick Twomey, Cahillville
—May they rest in peace —

Generous collection
During last Sunday's ecumenical service, some €855 was collected for Cork Simon Community: a magnificent gesture!

‘First Friday' calls
Calls to the sick and housebound of Holy Family Church area will take place on Thursday morning next, 10 am to 1 pm. If you would like to receive Communion in your home that day, please ring Fr Bernard.

Fundraising for Holy Family
‘Bridie's Cake Sale' for church funds is on 15-16 October. Raffle tickets now on sale!

Thanks for the memories
We are grateful to those who shared photos for the exhibition at Holy Family, this festive week. Thanks especially to Kay Dunne for organising the event, which will be available for viewing in the porch until Sun 2 October.

Sincere Sympathy

The sympathy of the community is expressed to Sister Kathleen, St Patrick's Hospital, on the death of her sister over the summer.

Kind craftsman
Warm thanks to the local craftsman who designed and made a new plinth for the Sacred Heart statue. Made to echo the stand on which the statue of Our Lady rests, its height is such that the two statues are the same height from the ground. The plinth was enthroned the last weekend in July, with a small plaque to be added later.

Thanks to all
Many people made last Sunday's celebration such a success. Thanks especially to these:
• To the choir for their dedication in learning the Methodist hymns, under the watchful care of September organist, Pat Dermody;
• To the Evening Echo, for their coverage on Sat 24th and Tues 27th September;
• To the cake-bakers and tea-makers, ministers, grounds-clearers and cleaners, flag & bunting arrangers, sacristans, Management Committee — and everyone: take a bow!

This Week's Calendar
Monday 3 October: Blessed Columba Marmion, Dublin-born priest who became a monk in Belgium. Author of best-selling spiritual classics. Beatified in 2000.
Tuesday 4: St Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscans, patron of ecologists.
• Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah today, the Jewish New Year's Day.
• For Muslims, Ramadan begins today
Wednesday 5: 27th Week in Ordinary Time.
• Today is World Teachers' Day (UN)
Thursday 6: St Bruno, founder of the Carthusians, monks whose lives are dedicated to poverty, manual work, silence and worship.
Friday 7: Our Lady of the Rosary. First Friday of October. Anniversary of the death of Bishop Michael Murphy in 1996.
Sat 8: 27th Week in Ordinary Time.
Sunday 9 October: 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, ‘Emigrants Sunday' (Year A readings). Isaiah 25:6-10. Psalm 22. Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20. Matthew 22:1-14





Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

9th. October 2005


Special invitation to First Communicants
Is anyone in your family receiving First Holy Communion next May (your child, grandchild, niece, nephew —neighbour or anyone at all you know)? If so, this news is for you!
We're going to make an extra effort to make First Communion children welcome at Holy Family, particularly by giving them a role at the Sunday Mass, once a month.
A programme was recently produced, with the aim of involving these children (and their parents) in the Mass. With this programme, it doesn't matter where the child is going to school. It could be St Patrick's or St Lukes, Scoil Mhuire or CBS, or indeed any other school in the city or county. Teachers have more than enough to do as they prepare for the ‘big day': this programme involves the children, their parents and the local community with the priest.
As well as adapting the Sunday liturgy slightly, to make it more understandable to children, resources are provided to help the children and their parents prepare when they are not in church. The first of these Masses will be on Sunday 23 October (11.30 am), then 20 November and 18 December.
It would be a great help to know how many children might take part in this programme — so that we will know how many resource sets to have available. If you are interested, simply phone the church number (450 9311) and leave your name and phone number.
Fr Bernard

PS I will be away on retreat (in Myross Wood) for most of this week. It's a diocesan requirement that each priest does a retreat each year. That's just as well — otherwise I would probably keep putting it off! Prayers welcome — Fr B.


William (Billy) Scoutts, late of Military Road, died at the Montenotte Care Centre on 26 September last, husband of Catherine and loving father of Anne, Kay, Carol, John, Christine, Louise and Regina. His passing was also mourned by his sisters Kathleen (Currid, Bellview Park), Peggy and Carmel (Murphy, Military Road), brothers-in-law, sons-in-law, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews, nieces, relatives and friends. His role (with his late father) in constructing Holy Family Church's two confessionals was highlighted during his funeral Mass. A lasting memento is the cover of the church's baptismal font, which Billy himself crafted.

Please pray for:
Donal Baylor, late of Old Youghal Road, who died recently at Marymount;
Anne (Tynan) Godfrey, Washington DC and late of Sundays Well, for whom a memorial service was held at Holy Family Church recently, prior to the scattering of her ashes.

Dermot & Christine Kelleher, Ballyhooly Rd
John Lonergan, Rathmore Road
John Quinn, Roches Buildings
Paddy O'Riordan; Tom Taylor
Mary Josephine Burke.
—May they rest in peace —

Recent Baptism
Liam Antonio Carcione, 10 Cahillville, was baptised at Holy Family on 10 September, son of Jayson and Eibhlís. Congratulations!

All aboard for Ardfallen!
The bus bearing parishioners to Ardfallen Centre this Sunday (for the Harvest Service) is expected on Military Hill at 6.30pm and will depart at 6.45 pm sharp.
Some parishioners may prefer to drive to the Service. Ardfallen is located on the main Douglas Road, near the Briar Rose. Car access is from the Ballinlough side, adjacent to the Gus Healy swimming pool. Drivers should access the centre from Ballinlough Road, turning right at the Credit Union.
We will all meet at Ardfallen for the Harvest Service at 7.30 pm.

September Finance Corner
Thanks to all who contributed at Holy Family Church during September:
3/4 Sept €545 Shrines €146
10/11 Sept €575 Niger appeal €121
17/18 Sept €544 Shrines €30
24/25 Sept€505 Shrines €50
Education of seminarians € 570
Also received: St Patrick's Hospital €70
One of the larger bills paid in September was:
5 September: Liam Davis & Co Ltd €15,000 Progress bill - installation of church heating

Thanks for the memories
We are grateful to those who shared photos for the exhibition at Holy Family: these are available for collection in the sacristy.
Photos from the recent social are currently displayed on the noticeboard in the porch — courtesy of Con Quirke. Thanks, Con!

— This Week's Calendar —

•Monday 10: 27th Week in Ordinary Time.
• World Mental Health Day (United Nations)
• Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

Tuesday 11: St Canice, close friend of St Colmcille, patron of Kilkenny City.

Wednesday 12: 28th Week in Ordinary Time.

Thursday 13: 28th Week in Ordinary Time.
• Yom Kippur, the Jewish ‘Day of Atonement'

Friday 14: St Callistus I, martyr, became pope in ad 217, then died at the hands of a mob in ad 222.

Saturday 15: St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582). Deeply contemplative, highly practical woman, established Carmelite communities with a reformed rule, wrote on prayer and the spiritual life. Patron of headache-sufferers.

Sunday 16 October: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A readings). Isaiah 45:1, 4-6. Psalm 95. 1 Thessalonians 1:1-5. Matthew 22:15-21.






Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish)

23rd.. October 2005

Let's build on what we have started
Our recent times of shared worship with our Methodist friends were a real experience of ecumenism. Every year in January we celebrate the Church Unity Octave, and pray for Church Unity. But these historic events at Holy Family and Ardfallen were prayer in action: we celebrated what we share in common — and that's a lot! A common baptism, a shared creed, a belief in the importance of Sunday worship, and probably much more. And we also experienced, with great respect, and a certain curoisity, the differences, some of which sadly are great enough to keep us apart.
Differences are sometimes difficult to accept, as we often prefer what we are used to. But if we were all the same, Christianity would be very dull. We need other traditions to bring out some of the Gospel's richness that we have undervalued. We will all be "one" when we all manage to accept and integrate what is of the Gospel within each of our varied Christian traditions. When Jesus prayed "That they all may be one", he was inviting each one of us to conversion and to a heart open to receive the "other".
Meanwhile let's hope we can all build on what has been started. Common prayer and friendship are great foundations. Our thanks to Fr Bernard and Rev Geraldine for their initiative!
Carol Dorgan (Email: cdorgan@oceanfree.net)

What do you think?
How can we build on the foundations laid down at the Holy Family and Ardfallen gatherings? Making these services an annual part of our calendar would be one step, but what can be done in the meantime? All ideas very welcome …

Holy Family News & Notices

Holy Family's anniversary
Holy Family Church celebrates 56 years as a Catholic place of worship on this Sunday 23 October. It was on Sunday 23 October 1949 that the 92-year-old Daniel Coholan, Bishop of Cork, blessed the church and celebrated the first Mass here. (See the cutting on the church notice-board from 28-10-1949.)

Donal Curtin, Tony Vaughan, Julia Hurley
—May they rest in peace —

Marvellous Cake sale
Congratulations to Bridie and friends for the cake sale and raffle held last weekend: as a result, €830 has been lodged to Holy Family Church funds. Thanks to all. Winners in the raffle were drawn at the end of 11.30 Mass:
1st prize (hamper): Mrs Eileen Lombard, Wellington Rd;
2nd (bottle of whiskey): Betty Meade, Old Youghal Road;
3rd (bottle of wine) Sister Augustine, St Patrick's Hospital, Wellington Road;
4th (cuddly toy) Frank, who collects each month on behalf of the St Vincent de Paul;
5th (bottle of wine) Cecily Lynch, Mount Vernon View, Military Hill.

Are you interested in becoming a Minister of the Eucharist in Holy Family Church (in response to last Sunday's appeal)? If you are considering this, please come along to the church on Wednesday night at 7.30 pm. Hope to see you there! — Fr Bernard

Newcomer to St Lukes
We welcome the recent opening of St Lukes Pharmacy at St Lukes Cross, run by Ronan O'Donohoe. We wish him success and prosperity (and we thank him for making Holy Family News available!)
In recent months, both O'Herlihys shop and Sheehans butchers were remodelled and upgraded, welcome developements also. It's all part of what auctioneers call the ‘regentrification' of the area!
The next challenge for St Lukes: a proper local celebration of its patron saint (Luke the evangelist) whose feast falls on 18 October every year. A decent party would add to the profile of the place no end! A challenge to the business community?

Countdown to First Eucharist
A warm welcome is extended to local families preparing to celebrate First Communion next May, taking a special part in the liturgy this Sunday. The ‘Do This in Memory' programme will continue once a month on the following Sundays:
20th November (Christ the King)
18 December (4th Sunday of Advent)
15th January 2006 (Ordinary Time 2)
12 February (Ordinary Time 6)
5 March (First Sunday of Lent)
9 April (Passion or Palm Sunday)
30 April (Third Sunday of Easter)
18 June (Feast of Corpus Christi)

Clocks go back
Next Saturday night (bank holiday weekend)

Rosary cards on sale
October is a month of devotion to the Rosary. A prayer card is on sale at Holy Family Church which features all 20 decades of the Rosary (including the Mysteries of Light introduced by the late Pope John Paul II). The card (on sale at the church door for €1), explains everything involved in saying the Rosary and matches the mysteries with the various days on which each are said: Joyful Mysteries on Mondays and Saturdays; Sorrowful mysteries on Tuesdays and Fridays; Mysteries of Light on Thursdays; Glorious mysteries on Wednesdays and Sundays


Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 30th .October 2005

It's a confusing time of year. The shops are full of all sorts of products: apple and nuts, ghostly outfits, chocolate Advent calendars, mince pies, Christmas cards, lights and trees. You could be forgiven for thinking all the seasons had come at once! I thought I might clarify things, from a Catholic Christian point of view:
1. Hallowe'en: Strictly speaking, this isn't a season at all — just a single day, 31 October, the eve of the feast of All Saints. Traditional celtic rituals made this a ghostly time, but Catholics celebrate All Saints as a day of joy, remembering all our people in heaven.
2. November: Catholics traditionally remember the dead in November, giving up sweets or cigarettes or alcoholic drink as part of the remembrance. This ritual begins after the feast of All Saints is over (we don't fast on feast days!) and runs until Advent begins. In 2005, these November days of fasting and prayer will be from 2 to 26 November
3. Advent. The Church's year begins with four weeks preparation for Christmas. It's time enough to think of Christmas preparations when Advent begins. This year the season starts on Sunday 27 November (First Sunday of Advent).
4. Christmas. The celebration of the birth of our Saviour begins at sunset on Saturday 24 December and not a moment sooner (not in the churches at any rate!)
Enjoy each of these days, feasts and seasons — as they come along!
Fr Bernard

Email: frbernard@eircom.net

Don't forget
All Saints Day (Tuesday 1 November) is a holyday of obligation. Mass will be celebrated on Monday evening at 7pm and on Tuesday morning at 11.30 am.

Holy Family News & Notices

A proud moment
Congratulations to parishioner and Minister of the Word Carol Dorgan, Middle Glanmire Road, whose voice was heard on RTÉ from 24 to 28 October on ‘A Living Word'. This daily reflection, subtitled ‘A spiritual moment for the day', is broadcast daily from Monday to Friday at 6.40 am, repeated Tuesday to Saturday at 12.58 am.
Parishioners with access to broadband can listen to Carol's broadcasts by going to www.rte.ie and searching the RTÉ Radio 1 page for the ‘religious' menu, where previous reflections are archived.

Happy 90th birthday!
Warmest best wishes go to Mrs Helen McCarthy, "Inisbeag", Bellevue Park, who celebrated her 90th birthday with cake and balloons on Sunday last 23 October.

Photos of those we have lost
November approaches, when we remember our dead. This year, we will display photos of those relatives of parishioners who have passed away in the past year: this montage will be placed near the altar during November. If you would like a photo of a neighbour or close relative of yours included (whether the funeral took place locally or not), please drop a photo into the sacristy before Wednesday, All Souls Day.
Simply write the person's name on the back of the photo, and your own name too.
(NB Make sure the photo you give is a copy, not the only one you have.)
Great response
The response to the appeal for prospective Ministers of the Eucharist has been very good. The attendance at last Wednesday night's meeting increases the ministry by 50 percent. It would be good to have more: even four extra ministers. If you could possibly be persuaded to serve in this way, please get in touch with Fr Bernard. The training sessions for the new ministers will be held on Wednesday 23 and 30 November.

Masses this week
No Mass Monday morning: Mass will be on Bank Holiday Monday evening at 7 pm, the Vigil Mass for All Saints, a holyday of obligation. Mass on the holyday itself, Tuesday 1 November, will be at 11.30. (No 9.25 am Mass on Mon. or Tues. mornings.)
The Novena for the dead will commence on Wednesday 2 November, All Souls Day at 9.25 Mass. The novena runs for nine days, until Friday 10 November.

‘First Friday' calls
The sick and housebound of the area will be visited as usual on Thursday morning next, 3 November, between 10 and 1 o'clock.

Prerparing for Advent
Anyone interested in planning the Advent liturgies is invited to a session in Blackpool Community Centre on 14 November at 8pm, organised by Anne Francis. See notice in porch for booking details (any costs involved will be covered by the parish).

This week's calendar

Monday 31: Blessed Dominic Collins, a Jesuit Brother and native of Youghal, martyred in 1602, is remembered today.
Vigil Mass for All Saints at 6 pm (St Patricks) and 7 pm (Holy Family)

Tuesday 1 November: All Saints Day (holyday of obligation). Masses: 10 am and 6pm (St Patricks), 11.30 am (Holy Family).
Readings: Apocalypse 7:2-4, 9-14. Psalm 23. 1 John 3:1-3. Matthew 5:1-12.
An indulgence for the dead can be gained by visiting a church between noon today and midnight of All Souls Day and praying the Our Father and Creed. A further indulgence can be gained each day between 1 and 8 November, by visiting a cemetery and praying for the dead. To gain any indulgence, one must go to Confession and Communion, and pray for the pope's intentions.

Wednesday 2: Commemoration of All The Faithful Departed (All Souls Day). Novena for the dead commences: Masses 9.25 am (Holy Family) and 10 am (St Patricks)

Thursday 3 St Malachy, born near Armagh: introduced the Cistercians into Ireland.
• Today is Id al Fitr for Muslims, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Friday 4: St Charles Borromeo, bishop of Milan: worked strenuously for the reform of the Church. (First Friday of November.)

Sunday 6 November: 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A readings):
Wisdom 6:12-16. Psalm 62.
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Matthew 25:1-13.


Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 6th. November 2005

Words of comfort and hope

I've been at many funerals in Ireland, and at just a couple in America. Generally, the prayers are the same, but there is one addition to the funeral ritual in this country.
On the night of the removal, just at the awful moment before the coffin is closed, as relatives prepare to say a last goodbye, the priest speaks a few words of farewell to the deceased. It's like whispering a gentle ‘goodbye' in their ear. He says:
May Christ now enfold you in his love and bring you to eternal life.
We will pray for you,
May you pray for us.
May God and Mary be with you.
At a time of grief, words are spoken but we may not hear. Afterwards, these same words can give comfort. They teach us what the Church believes about death and what follows it.
I am always struck by the words the minister uses when the removal arrives in the church, introducing the Opening Prayer before the readings:
"My brothers and sisters, we believe that all the ties of friendship and affection, which knit us as one throughout our lives do not unravel with death…(knitting/unraveling — what a beautiful way to express a truth!)
There is a confidence in the Church's funeral rites, from start to finish. The prayer that ends the liturgy in the church on the day of burial expresses hope for a great future for all those we lose to death:
May the angels lead you into paradise;
May the martyrs come to welcome you and take you to the holy city, the new and eternal Jesusalem.
May choirs of angels welcome you and lead you to the bosom of Abraham and where Lazarus is poor no longer may you find eternal rest!

Fr Bernard
Email: frbernard@eircom.net

Holy Family News & Notices

The Methodists say ‘Thanks'!
Our friends in Ardfallen were in touch to tell us the result of the collection taken up on the night of the Harvest Service. The sum of €824.67 was gathered from Catholics and Methodists that night and this has been sent to Christian Aid. This is an agency supported by the protestant churches in the UK and
Ireland, whose motto is: ‘We believe in life before death!'
Christian Aid is not a missionary society but an overseas development agency sponsered by the churches. It is working in 50 countries, helping people regardless of religion or race to improve their own lives by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. The group works with local agencies and local Councils of Churches where possible.
More information can be obtained by logging on to www.christian-aid.ie

Sheila Egan, Adelaide Terrace,
Wellington Road (first anniversary)

Thanks for your support
Your support of the priests of the parish in the Autumn Dues and November Offerings are greatly appreciated.
There has been a positive reaction to the scheme to claim tax back from the government on donations made to the parish by taxpayers. A number of forms from parishioners applying to take part have already been received. If you would like to be part of the scheme, please return your form soon.

Another look at those heads
Rev Geraldine Gracie visited Military Hill recently, bringing the finished copy of the photo of our church during its construction (dating from 1894-5). This photo is now in the Sacristy. We are grateful to our Methodist friends for this lovely gift: a great souvenir.
Geraldine's son Colin visited with her: he has a background in archaeology and was fascinated, as we are, by the images of male and female heads ‘holding up' the columns in the church. He noted that one such image, about halfway up the church on the right hand side is inscribed (with the initials of the craftsman?) His educated guess was that the two kingly heads depicted in stone on either side of the main door might be those of David (the youthful one, on the left) and Solomon (the wise). He will return when he is next in Cork and will do more research until he can help us solve the mystery!
Colin Gracie (who ministers in Birr, Co Offaly, with the care of three churches there) would be glad to have any information on these matters that Holy Family members could give him, to aid the research.

Prerparing for Advent
Anyone interested in planning the Advent liturgies is invited to a session in Blackpool Community Centre on Monday 14 November at 8pm, organised by Anne Francis. See notice in porch for booking details (any costs involved will be covered: simply say you are representing Holy Family Church!)

Agency's 21st Birthday
To mark its 21st Birthday Celebration, Life Pregnancy presents:
• Dr Philip Boyle, NaPro Practitioner on: ‘Alternative to IVF : Investigation and treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriages';
• Prof. Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry, UCD and Consultant Psychiatrist, Mater Hospital, on:
‘Crisis Pregnancy Issues and Outcomes'.
This event will take place at the Clarion Hotel, Lapps Quay, Cork on Friday 11 Nov at 7:45pm.
Free Admission - Refreshments.
All welcome. To secure a place, please phone: 427 0445.

The Word magazine

Highlights from the November issue:
• RTE broadcaster, Joe Duffy reviews The Americans, the Democratic Experience, which he says "reminds us that for 400 years we lived … rightless, landless and without hope in our own country."
• John Scally talks to Rugby International, Ronan O'Gara, about his sporting career and developing his skills on the pitch.
• Sr Majella McCarron remembers the day 10 years ago when Nigerian writer and TV producer, Ken Saro-Wiwa, was executed.
• Marie Antoinette: Famous figure of French history, born 250 years ago.
• Evil…According to Pasolini: Luca Zoppi marks the 30th anniversary of the death of the controversial Italian film director, Pier Paulo Pasolini.
The Word magazine is on sale at Holy Family Church, as well as The Voice Today and the Irish Catholic.

Graveyard prayers
November Prayer services will take place today (6 November) in Rathcooney and next Sunday (13 November) in Kilcully. Prayers begin at 3pm, both days.
A similar service will be held in St Michael's Cemetery, Blackrock, on this Sunday 6 November, also at 3 pm.

— This Week's Calendar —

Monday 7: St Willibrord: English missionary who spead the Gospel in Frisia, founding missions in Utrecht and Luxumbourg.
Novena for the Holy Souls continues until Thursday 10 November, with daily Masses at 9.25 am (Holy Family) and 10 am (St Patricks).
An indulgence for the dead can be gained today (7th) and tomorrow (8th), by visiting a cemetery and praying for the dead. To gain any indulgence, one must go to Confession and Communion, and pray the Our Father and Hail Mary for the pope's intentions.
• Today is the ‘Day of Accord and Reconciliation' in Russia (formerly the Socialist Revolution Anniversary).

Tuesday 8: 32nd Week in Ordinary Time.

Wednesday 9: Dedication of the Lateran Basilica, (the cathedral of Rome, seat of the Bishop of Rome, ie the pope).
• Today is the anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Thursday 10: St Leo the Great, pope and doctor of the Church (died in 461).

Friday 11: St Martin of Tours, patron saint of soldiers, beggars and innkeepers. Today is Armistice Day, Remembrance Day and/or Veterans' Day in many countries.

Saturday 12: St Josaphat (1580-1623) Ukranian bishop and martyr.

Sunday 13: 33rd Sunday (Year A readings): Proverbs 31: 10-13, 19-20, 30-31.
Psalm 127. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6.
Matthew 25:14-30



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 13th. November 2005


Bring a leaf to church next Sunday
Children preparing to celebrate First Communion are invited to bring a leaf to Mass next Sunday. This leaf will be a reminder of someone who has died. (Grown-ups can bring a leaf also!)
Next Sunday marks the second celebration for children making First Communion in May — including their families and the wider community too. Any child in the locality in Second Class is welcome to be part of the celebration, along with his/her family.
There are three things for each child to bring along to 11.30 Mass:
1. A ‘First Communion candle': this will be lit in front of the ambo during the Mass. (Photos of the children taking part are there also: if your child's photo has not been added, please bring one along on Sunday.)
2. A leaf, to remember someone you know who has died.
3. A name-card. Simply write your first name in big letters on a card. All these cards will be added to an image of the Good Shepherd — who ‘knows us all by name'.
After Mass, be sure to pick up the literature that goes with the programme (this will be placed near the ambo). Each family receives the ‘Grapevine', a four-page colour newsletter outlining the feasts of the next month. Each child receives ‘Kid's Stuff', explaining the feasts in more understandable terms for children. (Tá ‘Ábhar do Pháiste' ar fáil, chomh maith — i gcomhair páistí ag freastal ar Gaelscoileanna, mar shampla.)
Looking forward to celebrating the Good Shepherd's care for all on next Sunday, the feast of Christ the King. Fr Bernard

Email: frbernard@eircom.net

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament next Sunday from Mass time to 5 pm (Service)

Holy Family News & Notices

Recent Death
Margaret Minihane, late of Old Youghal Road, died recently at Ballynoe Nursing Home, Whites Cross. She was the beloved daughter of the late Dan and Nora, and sister of the late Eily, Michael and Tim. She will be missed by her sister-in-law Sheila, nieces Vera and Colleen, the Cunningham family of Hartford (Connecticut, USA), her relatives, friends and kind neighbours especially Eily, Georgina and Betty. Her passing was especially mourned on Old Youghal Road where her numerous kindnesses to neighbours there endeared her to all.
Humphrey O'Connor,
Maryville, Old Youghal Road;
Joe Devine: Eddie Finnm Eileen Lynch.
May they rest in peace

Advent resources available
With just two weeks to go until Advent, here are some resources you may find helpful in the new liturgical year (all are available in the Veritas Shop, Carey's Lane, or on the Veritas website: www.veritas.ie):
1. Liturgical Calendar for Ireland 2006 (a book containing the scripture references to every reading to be used at Mass, both for Sundays and weekdays, plus information on every celebration: price €10.50)
2. Liturgy Preparation for 2006 (Year B) by Bernard Cotter. (Aimed at choirs, readers, schools, teachers, catechists as well as everyone interested in the liturgy: price €10).

Celebrating Christ the King
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is a traditional way of honouring Christ the King (which is celebrated next Sunday). The host consecrated at Mass will be venerated on the altar at Holy Family Church from after 11.30 Mass until 5 pm in the afternoon. The period of prayer will conclude with Benediction, with the traditional Latin hymns and incense.
You are invited to come and pray in the church between Mass time and 5 pm on Sunday next: ‘bring to the Lord your needs and thank him for the blessings of the past year.' (To be sure someone will be in the church at all times, people are requested to write their name down for the time period they can be present during the Exposition.)

The Box in the Hall
You will see a wooden box on the table in the church porch: you may wonder what it's there for! This box is the receptacle for the application forms of those who want to take part in the parish tax-back system. This new system, by which the parish can get back the tax PAYE people have already paid on what they give to the church, may only suit a minority of parishioners. However, we are encouraged at the level of response so far. If you want to be part of this new system, take a form, fill it in and return it to that box as soon as you can.

In November we pray for the dead
Daily Mass here 9.25 am, Monday to Friday.

Thank You
Warm thanks for your support in the Autumn Dues. Because the parish database is limited, we are fairly sure that some residents never get Dues envelopes delivered. People living in other parishes who come to Mass here are probably also unsure as to how to contribute to the priests of this parish. Anyone who would like to receive a Dues envelope each time is invited to send in a request for same. (Simply drop a note in the collection at Mass).

Now Widely Available
The ‘Holy Family News' is now widely available in local businesses: thanks to all who accept and display it. If any other business would like to make it available, get in touch and a supply can be arranged.
The aim in all this is to make sure that those who for one reason of another can't come to Mass at Holy Family still keep in touch with kocal news. (If your friend or neighbour would like a copy, why not pick up two copies of the newsletter after Mass and drop one in each weekend?)

Love, Sexuality & Orientation
Cork Theology Forum will host a conference on ‘Eros & Agape' on Saturday next 19 November in the Silversprings Hotel (Tara Suite), from 10 am to 1pm. Dr Stephen White will be the guest speaker. The topic under discussion is phrased thus: ‘Are churches attempting to do sexual ethics without examining the theological underpinning of our ideas of right and wrong as seen in the nature of God? Stephen White proposes guiding qualities of creativity and love as the basis for a new framework of Christian sexual ethics.'
If you are interested in attending, contact John Scanlan, Ballinlough at 431 6812 (email justjohn@eircom.net) as soon as possible. The registration fee is €15

Graveyard prayers
November Prayer services will take place this Sunday (13 November) in Kilcully beginning at 3pm.

— This Week's Calendar —

Monday 14: St Laurence O'Toole (died in 1180). Abbot of Glendalough, he later became archbishop of Dublin. Laurence died at Eu in Normandy, trying to make peace between Henry II and the Irish rulers. Patron saint of Dublin.

Tuesday 15: St Albert the Great (1206-1280), a theologian who was called the ‘Universal Teacher' for his wide range of interests. Patron saint of scientists.

Wednesday 16: St Margaret of Scotland (1045-1093), wife of Malcolm III, King of Scotland: she helped reform the Church. Also St Gertrude (1256-1302), a Benedictine nun who cultivated devotion to the Sacred Heart and advocated frequent Communion.
• Today is International Day for Tolerance (United Nations).

Thursday 17: St Elizabeth of Hungary: queen at 14, widowed and exiled at 20, dead at 24: woman of prayer who served the poor.

Friday 18: Dedication of the Basilicas of St Peter (the Vatican Basilica) and St Paul (‘Outside-the-Walls') in Rome.

Saturday 19: 33rd Week in Ordinary Time
• National Commemoration Day in Monaco.

Sunday 20 November: Christ the King (Year A readings): Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-17 & Psalm 22 (Our king is like a shepherd).
1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 28 (As king, Chirst has conquered all, even death). Matthew 25:31-36 (He will reward those who look after people in need).

Hymn 365
A minister was completing a temperance sermon. With great emphasis, he said, ‘If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the River.'
With even greater emphasis he said, ‘And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it; and pour it into the River.'
And then finally, shaking his fist in the air, he said, ‘And if I had all the whiskey in the world,I'd take it and pour it into the River.'
Sermon complete, he sat down. The song leader stood very cautiously and announced, with a smile: ‘For our closing song, let us sing Hymn 365, Shall We Gather at the River'…


Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 20th. November 2005


The ultimate Christian challenge
There's a story told about a man who died and headed for heaven. He met St Peter at the gate and asked for admittance to heaven on the basis that he had ‘kept his hands clean'. ‘Yes indeed', said St Peter, ‘your hands are clean —but they are empty!'
The story comes to mind as I look at this Sunday's dramatic Gospel, the vision of the end of time. ‘When did we see you hungry or thirsty, a stranger or naked, sick or in prison, and did not come to your help?', we may find ourselves asking the Lord. His answer is damning: ‘In so far as you neglected to do this to one of the least of these, you neglected to do it to me.'
The challenge is great, though in 2005 we weren't found wanting when various needs presented themselves to us at Holy Family. Contributions for the tsunami victims and for the Trócaire appeal and for the Niger famine were extraordinarily generous. All that's left is to make our Christian concern visible here at home — whether we are dealing with asylum-seekers or refugees living locally, the sick or elderly in hospitals and nursing homes or people the St Vincent de Paul Society care for all year round (and they do need volunteers: see inside this newsletter.)
Keeping in tune with the needs of people around us, we hope one day to hear the majestic words of Christ our King: ‘Come you, whom my Father has blessed, take for your heritage the kingdom prepared for you…'
Fr Bernard Email: frbernard@eircom.net

Holy Family News & Notices

Recent Deaths
Helen McCarthy, ‘Inisbeag', Bellevue Park, died at her home on Friday 4 November, less than two weeks after celebrating her 90th birthday. She was the dearly loved wife of the late John, and much loved mother of Raymond (Bellevue Park), Iain and the late Peter. She will be missed by her daughters-in-law Eleanor and Jane, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and other relatives and friends — and by the Ministers of the Eucharist at Holy Family who brought her Holy Communion every Sunday morning. After being waked at her home, she was buried in Rathcooney after a well-attended Mass at Holy Family Church

Sincere Sympathy
Our sympathy is extended to Dan Hyde, Cahillville, on the death of his sister Madge (Fahy, Richmond Hill), who was also the sister-in-law of Georgina O'Brien, Old Youghal Road.
Kevin & Elizabeth Mahony, Sunmount,
Military Hill;
Bill Lombard, Beechmount Lodge, St Lukes.
May they rest in peace

Great souvenir
The November issue of the Methodist Newsletter contains a generous account of the ecumenical service in September to mark the 110th anniversary of our church. A photocopy of this article is posted on the church noticeboard. We are grateful to Rev. Geraldine Gracie for sharing this publication.

The formation sessions for the new ministers of the eucharist will be held on Wednesday 23 and 30 November, beginning at 7.30 each night, with commissioning following in Advent. If you cannot join the ministry for the time being, perhaps you might say a prayer that these sessions might work well.

Exposition for Christ the King
The last Sunday of the year (ie this Sunday, 20th November) is being marked by a period of prayer in Holy Family church, from after Sunday morning Mass till 5pm on Sunday evening. You are welcome to come along and spend some time in prayer, or to join in the concluding service (with Benediction) at 5pm on Sunday.

Remembering our dead
Daily Mass this week 9.25, Monday-Friday.

Mark your 2006 calendar!
A warm welcome is extended to local families preparing to celebrate First Communion next May, taking a special part in the liturgy this Sunday. The ‘Do This in Memory' programme will continue once a month on the following Sundays:
18 December (4th Sunday of Advent)
15th January 2006 (Ordinary Time 2)
12 February (Ordinary Time 6)
5 March (First Sunday of Lent)
9 April (Palm Sunday)
30 April (Third Sunday of Easter)
18 June (Corpus Christi)



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 27th. November 2005


At this time of year, I light my inner star…

When I was small, I always secretly wished that someone would ask me to light an Advent candle on the Advent Wreath in church. Or one of the candles on the Sanctuary, or by the Tree. Or even blow it out (less nerve-wracking). Why? Because it would make me feel involved.
I would be ‘doing something', and feel ‘connected'. Otherwise, it would feel as though Advent was happening ‘out there' – but where?
On Christmas Day I'd be told that Jesus had ‘come down from Heaven'— and sure enough, there He was, on the sanctuary, lying in a manger, with a bright Star shining above, and yet … I felt a huge Mystery here, affecting me, yes, but somehow I'd missed the build-up of excitement, of suspense, of really expecting something would now be different.
Now, many working years later, I sense that if any Star is really to shine for me above a Christmas Crib, it must begin as a tiny spark in my heart around now and that this is one liturgical season that really lives in here and not ‘Out There'. In the midst of all the commercial buzz, if I am to light my inner spark, star or candle, I first need to want it, and I want it, because of the connection with that Christmas word, Peace. And peace comes when I let light shine on what makes me real, truthful all round rather than pretending, or hiding.
And because I like beginnings, I start this Advent time by acknowledging I need to sit a while with this my inner star and quietly ask myself, and the Bringer of Peace, how I want to make 25 Dec any different from 25 Nov or 25 Jan (and why).

Anne Alcock

Four parishioners have been asked to prepare 300-word Advent thoughts for this page. If you would like to write a front-page reflection in 2006, email holyfamilychurch@eircom.net

News & Notices

We are proud of you!
Congratulations to parishioner Dr Seán Petit, St Lukes, on his recent publication honouring the European Capital of Culture. In this 44-page booklet, entitled Pilgrim Trail in Cork, Dr Petit guides citizens around the city's religious history.
We are delighted to offer this book at Holy Family Church (€5). It may also be purchased at Veritas bookshop, Carey's Lane.

Sincere Sympathy
Our sympathy is extended to the Cork Knights of St Columbanus, who from time to time have used Holy Family Church for Mass, on the sudden death of their chaplain, Fr Con O'Driscoll SMA

Thomas & Catherine O'Byrne; Jeremiah & Mary Lucy; Sean McCarthy, Denis McCarthy & Peg O'Riordan; Phil Coughlan.
May they rest in peace

Fame at last!
Last Saurday's The Irish Times (19-11-05) contained an account of our ecumenical service in September — in the ‘Methodist Notes', on page two. A copy of this article is posted on the church noticeboard.

A lovely experience
Thanks to the adore-rs and pray-ers who kept vigil with the Lord during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament last Sunday. Perhaps we might make this a twice-yearly event: for Christ the King and close to Corpus Christi?
October Financial Corner
1/2 Oct €570 Shrines €173
8/9 Oct €590
15/16 Oct €500 Shrines €173
22/23 Oct €610 Missions €795
29/30 Oct €570
Also received: St. Patrick's Hospital €80
• The larger cheques issued in October were €855 to Cork Simon Community (collection during ecumenical service), and €185 to O'Mahony Electrical (new vacuum cleaner).

Holy Family Social
The annual pre-Christmas gathering at the Ambassador Hotel organised by Ann Dorgan and friends takes place on Sunday 18 December (1.30-7.00). Tickets for €20 are available at Barrackton PO up to Monday 28 November and thereafter from Kitty O'Sullivan, Woodland Villas (450 6346) or Bridie O'Connor (455 2668).

We are grateful to Cllr Annette Spillane for €200 gained from Cork City Council for Holy Family Church & hall. All similar donations will be similarly acknowledged!

Please come along
All the present Ministers of the Eucharist are asked to come to Wednesday night's meeting (7.30 pm in church), which is also the final formation session for the new ministers. We will finalise the new rota, arrange the commissioning of ministers new and old, and agree on a coordinator for the ministry.

Parish Information
• Fr John Cotter PP, No. 1 Presbytery phone 450 4848
• Fr. Bernard Cotter PIC, No. 3 Presbytery phone 450 2696
• Canon Liam Leader AP, No. 4 Presbytery phone 450 0282
Emergency (Priest on duty) 087-825 2284
• Sacristy, St Patrick's Church
phone 086-310 7499 (except Thursday)
• Sacristy, Holy Family Church
phone 450 9311 (leave a message)

New parish donation system
In 2001 the Government introduced a scheme of tax relief for eligible charities in respect of donations received. The parish is a charity and qualifies for the scheme. There is a leaflet available at the front door of each church which gives the details of how it is proposed to implement this scheme in this parish.
This is an excellent and worthwhile scheme and availing of legitimate tax refunds is an excellent way to put the finances of both chruches in the parish on a sound footing.
Please take a leaflet at the front door, fill in your contact details and return it to the box inside the front door of the church.
Time is moving on and an early reply will help us to have everything in place in time for the new tax year in January.
John Cotter PP

— This Week's Calendar —

Monday 28: First Week of Advent. Mass at 9.25 in Holy Family Church (Mon to Fri) and at 10.00 in St Patrick's Church (daily).
• The Ascension of Abdul-Baha is celebrated by people of the Baha'i faith.

Tuesday 29: First Week of Advent
• International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (United Nations).

Wednesday 30: St Andrew, apostle, patron of fishermen, Greece, Russia and Scotland.

Thursday 1 December First Week of Advent
• World AIDS Awareness Day.

Friday 2 December: First Week of Advent
• First Friday of December.

Saturday 3 December: St Francis Xavier (1506-1552), a patron of the missions.

Sunday 4 December: Second Sunday of Advent (Year B): Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11.
Psalm 84. 2 Peter 3:8-14. Mark 1:1-8 (John the Baptist's message of repentance).

Rekindle the Wonder
A one-day retreat to help people relax, unwind and enter the true spirit of Christmas will be held on Saturday 17 December, from 10am to 4pm at St Dominic's Retreat House, Ennismore, Montenotte. Phone 450 2520
Cost €20 (€30 including dinner).

‘First Friday' calls
Calls to the sick and housebound in the Holy Family area will be made on Thursday 2 December between 10 am and 1 pm.




Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 4th. December 2005



"Come Lord Jesus"

Advent is my favourite time of year. I've no big expectations about the weather, so no disappointments! In fact I enjoy the dark evenings — and looking up to see if I can spot any stars out there.
Two of my favourite words keep returning in the Sunday and weekday liturgies: ‘come' (meaning invitation), and ‘hope' (suggesting desire, expectation). Both of these words are embroidered on the sanctuary hangings of Holy Family Church!
If I invite someone, it means that I'm asking for their company, their friendship, their wisdom. And if I'm invited, then it means that I'm the one who is wanted. That is something special and precious!
I once read these words on a card — they have stayed with me ever since:
Faith lives when things are darkest, and hope, when we are closest to despair.
We need darkness to appreciate light, and maybe we need times of near hopelessness to appreciate what it is to hope against all hope. Christmas comes to us in our darkness, our loneliness, maybe our near hopelessness. A star lights the place. We ourselves are invited to come, just as we too pray: "Come". No one is excluded.
Today's readings speak about preparing the way. Christmas preparations for many people can mean rush, making lists, even exhaustion! But try taking a few quiet moments each day, perhaps in darkness with a candle, using one of the earliest, most deeply-felt Christian prayers: "Come, Lord Jesus". Try it with your family. Let each one pray it in turn. Children love the mystery of the dark when they know it is safe.
It is God who breathes in us the desire to prepare a way for Him — and God who responds to that desire.

Carol Dorgan

News & Notices

Sincere sympathy
Our sympathy is extended to Chris Lavin, Verdon Row, St Lukes, on the recent death of her sister— the third such loss she has suffered in 13 months.

Billy Hegarty, West View, Military Hill
Annie Richardson, late Military Road
Martina Kelleher, Iona Road, Mayfield
Thomas Boland, Amy Lynch.
May they rest in peace

Dates for your diary
Three dates you might note especially, as your pre-Christmas diary fills up:
• Sunday 18 December: Toy Mass in Holy Family at 11.30 a.m. Toys collected will be given to Cuanlee Refuge, Kyrls Quary, Cork.
That evening, we are all invited to a Carol Service in Ardfallen Methodist Centre, begining at 7 pm. (Mince pies to follow!)
• Monday 19 December: Penitential Service in Holy Family at 7.30. A short service of healing and reconciliation, with several priests available for Confession.
• Saturday 24 December: Candlelight Mass at 9pm (no 7pm Mass), celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus.

Tree needed!
Holy Family Church needs a Christmas tree, at least 9 to 10 feet high. Something trouble-free preferred, which probably means that an artificial tree might work best: all offers and suggestions considered!
Masses this week
Mass on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 9.25 am. Thursday is 8 December, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mass on Thursday at 11.30, and on the vigil (Wednesday) at 7 pm. (No morning Mass is scheduled for Wednesday).
Mass times in St Patrick's for the holyday: Wednesday 6 pm, Thursday 10 & 6 pm.

A new start for ministers
Six new ministers of the Eucharist will join the team next weekend. They and those continuing on will all be commissioned during the two weekend Masses.

Kind Gift
The two new candlesticks on the altar were recently donated to the church. We had hoped to acquire a match for the ‘Ardfallen candle' but failed: however, we plan to bring that one out on special occasions, a reminder to pray for all our Methodist friends.

The Christmas Word
The December edition of the Divine Word publication ‘The Word' is on sale for €1.50 (calendar included). As well as ‘The Voice' and the ‘Irish Catholic', Dr Petit's book on the religious sites of Cork is on sale for €5, and Fr Bernard's book of saints (€10).

St Patricks Credit Union
AGM is on Tuesday 13 December in St Patrick's parish hall at 8.00 pm.

The Cork Ursuline PPU Christmas Lunch will be held on this Sunday, 4 December at 1.00 pm in the Vienna Wood Hotel. If you are interested in going along, please ring Teresa at 450 4226.

Christmas Party Night' will be held by the Coeliac Society of Ireland on this Tuesday, 6 December at the SMA Centre, Wilton. ‘Bring something: Taste something.' All are welcome.

A letter to the people of Cork
In 1996, I walked away from the knitwear industry in Ireland, very disillusioned at the way it was changing. Two years ago, a proposal came through my door that lit a fire in my soul again. The company of Halfangel has always worked to combine technology with unusual art forms. In particular, they set out to pay homage to everyday craft work which began as an economic necessity for thousands of Irish men and women, but graduated with sculptured stitch patterns into some of the most unusual textile design. The "Knitting Map project" would combine performance with installation with textile with community with modern technology.
I had never heard of anything like it before. It would take one hell of an army of artists and volunteers to pull it off… but then, what if it really happened?! In the past 30 years, I have worked in the world of textile, fashion, media and art all over the world and I have never ever come across anything like the commitment and courage of the Cork people. Welcome to the Revolution!
This Art installation in Saint Luke's Crypt in Summerhill became a forum for 2,298 knitters ( that is 4,596 hands!) and 1,272 visitors to create the greatest community textile piece in Ireland.
I would like to thank both Jools Gilsen-Ellis and Richard Povall for making that possible. I would also like to thank Kieran McCarthy for the countless hours he spent here interviewing the people for his book Voices of Cork. A very special thank you to "Cork 2005" and all of our sponsors for their endless support in the front lines. I am not forgetting ‘Norries Motor Cycle Club' who remind me what honour and comradeship stand for in today's fast-moving world. And lastly and most importantly, how can I say a personal thank you to the best co-ordinator, Sue Tector and our team of experts and volunteers?
We have come a long way from our party in the Women's Gaol this time last year, pilgrims..... a very steep learning curve. It has been one of the greatest adventures of my life to work beside you. This project does not end here because of the timeless bonds that have been formed and wherever I am in the world, you have my unconditional loyalty and attention.
Kathryn O'Brien (Project Manager)
St. Luke's Crypt, Summerhill, Cork City.

The ‘Knitting Map project' will be open until 14 December from 10 to 3pm weekdays, with late opening Thursdays from 5 to 9pm. On Saturday and Sunday, we open till 5pm. We also open after Christmas on 31 January from 12 to 3pm, to cast off the Map.

Parish Information
• Fr John Cotter PP, No. 1 Presbytery phone 450 4848
• Fr. Bernard Cotter PIC, No. 3 Presbytery phone 450 2696
• Canon Liam Leader AP, No. 4 Presbytery phone 450 0282
Emergency (Priest on duty) 087-825 2284
• Sacristy, St Patrick's Church
phone 086-310 7499 (except Thursday)
• Sacristy, Holy Family Church
phone 450 9311 (leave a message)

After all the masses in St. Patrick's next weekend (10-11 Dec.) you will have the opportunity to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation. Many priests will be in attendance for this short rite, after 6pm Mass (Saturday), 10, 12 and 6 pm (Sunday)
• A Penitential Service will be held in Holy Family on Monday 19 December at 7.30 pm

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
The SVP Christmas Collection will take place outside the church doors next weekend (10-11 December). Last year the Society spent €61,500 in assisting the needy in this parish. The church door collections in Holy Family and St Patrick's churches amounted to €16,415:
‘Please be as generous as you can at next weekend's collection. If you require assistance, or would like to help in our works, please contact the Society at 2 Tuckey St, Cork (phone 427 0444).'

— This Week's Calendar —

Monday 5: Second Week of Advent. Mass at 9.25 in Holy Family Church (Monday, Tuesday and Friday this week) and at 10.00 in St Patrick's Church (daily).

Tuesday 6: St Nicholas of Myra, patron saint of children, brides and grooms, merchants and pawnbrokers — and of Galway.

Wednesday 7: St Ambrose, bishop of Milan and doctor of the Church: Patron saint of learning, of beekeepers and domestic animals — and of Milan, Italy.

Thursday 8: Solemn feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (in honour of her conception free from sin in the womb of her mother St Anne).
Pope Benedict XVI recently granted a plenary indulgence to those who venerate an image of Our Lady on this feast, praying the Our Father, Creed and a prayer to Mary (in addition to the usual conditions of Confession, Communion and prayer for the pope's intentions.)

Friday 9: St Juan Diego, visionary at Guadalupe, Mexico.

Saturday 10: International Human Rights Day (UN). Also Nobel Prize Day (anniversary of Nobel's death).

Sunday 11: Third Sunday of Advent / Gaudete Sunday (Year B):
First Reading — Isaiah 61:1-2, 10-11.
Psalm: Luke 1:46-50, 53-54.
Second: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24.
Gospel: John 1:6-8, 19-28.



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 18th. December 2005


Cast off the fig-leaves of pretence!

The conception of Jesus could not be accomplished by human endeavour alone. Through her consent to co-operate with God's special plan, Mary becomes an excellent role model for both men and women.
Just as Jesus dwelt physically in the womb of Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit, so he also wishes to dwell spiritually in all our hearts, through the same Holy Spirit. He wants to be truly at home in our lives as a family member, not just as a lodger.
Lodgers are fully present in a house, but may not enjoy the closeness or intimacy of family members. Likewise, Jesus can be fully present within us sacramentally, but we can still keep him at a distance. I did for years. To me, Advent means allowing Jesus to be more at home in my life than ever before, giving him the run of the house, being totally real with him. He knows me better than I know myself and has uniquely fashioned me with my particular strengths and limitations for his own special purposes.
As I give thanks for this, I will realise that ‘his yoke is easy and his burden is light. I will experience the peace he promised, the best Christmas present of all.
With new confidence, we can be real with God, with ourselves and others. We won't need the fig-leaves of pretence. We will be able to admit faults and mistakes and feel enhanced rather than diminished.
Lord, cause our prayer to be joyful and refreshing, not a tiresome duty. May your word dwell in our hearts, not just lodge in our brain. May we receive you, as a little child would, with heartfelt gratitude.
Paschal Coffey

• Thanks to the four parishioners who wrote in the newsletter for the four weeks of Advent— and for the inspiration they provided.

News & Notices

Peggy Kelly, late of Victoria Terrace, Alexandra Road, died at St Finbarr's Hospital on 2 December last. She had resided at Ballynoe Nursing Home before being hospitalised last spring, first in the South Infirmary and finally at St Finbarr's. Her loss was deeply mourned by Donal (Victoria Terrace) and his brothers Dermot (Ballinlough) and Cyril (USA), their families and her neighbours and friends. Peggy was well known from the Pavilion on Patrick St, where her brother Donal also worked before moving to the Capitol Cinema. Peggy's death occured in the same week as the Capitol's final closure, an occurence marked by a minute's silence at the closing ceremony.

Our sincere sympathy is extended to Noreen O'Regan on the death of her brother-in-law

Josephine Hennessy, Mt Vernon Terrace;
Michael Barrett, Charleville Cottages;
Paul Downey, Bellview Crescent;
Des Gunn, Gardiners Hill.
May they rest in peace.

New Life!
Congratulations to Der & Joanne Moloney, Falcon Hill, Lovers Walk, on the recent baptism of their son, Shane Diarmuid, in Holy Family Church.
Congratulations to Jim & Catherine Boland on the birth of ‘a beautiful baby boy', Cian James. Jim is a native of Willis Square, Old Youghal Road, now residing in Glanmire.

• Thanks for your generosity in the Dues. A few envelopes are outstanding: please pick up a new envelope if you lost yours!

Confession for Christmas
The pre-Christmas penitential service takes place this Monday night at 7.30 pm in Holy Family. We will gather in an atmosphere of quiet prayer, to listen to God's Word and experience God's healing mercy. Priests will be available for confessions during this short ceremony (40 mins max!)

Carol Service this Sunday
Our Methodist friends invite us to Ardfallen this Sunday evening at 7 pm for a carol service. Drive there via Ballinlough Road, turning right after the Credit Union and parking near the swimming pool. Or take the bus out Douglas Road and get off at the Briar Rose.

Communion to the Sick
Fr Bernard will make a Christmas/New Year visit to the housebound on Thursday morning next, 22 December, between 10 and 1 pm.

Times of Christmas services
A candlelight Mass with music will be celebrated at 9 pm on Christmas Eve (no 7 pm Mass). Individual confessions will be heard between 6.30 and 7.30 that evening, in the seat near the baptismal font. Sung Mass on Christmas morning at 11.30 a.m. The collections at both Masses are for the priests of the parish (part of their annual income).

Publication on upcoming Sundays
Holy Family News will be published as usual next Sunday, Christmas Day. There will be no newsletter on New Year's Day; however the ‘Holy Family Calendar 2006' will be distributed at the church (only). The next ‘regular' newsletter will be on Sunday 8 January 2006 (deadline: Wednesday 4 January).

— This Week's Calendar —

Monday 19: Last Week of Advent. Mass at 9.25 in Holy Family Church and at 10.00 in St Patrick's Church (daily).
Advent prayer for today: ‘O stock of Jesse, do not delay to come to save us!'

Tuesday 20: St Fachanan of Kilfenora (south Co Galway, close to the Burren)
Advent prayer for today: ‘O Key of David, free those who sit in dartkness and in the shadow of death!'

Wednesday 21: St Peter Canisius, priest and doctor of the Church who promoted the Catholic revival after the Council of Trent.
Advent prayer for today: ‘O Rising Sun, splendour of eternal light, come and enlighten those who sit in darkness!'

Thursday 22: Last Week of Advent.
Advent prayer for today: ‘O King whom all the peoples desire, come and save those you made from the dust of the earth!'

Friday 23: St John of Kanty: taught theology and Scritpure in Cracow, Poland
Advent prayer for today: ‘O King of the peoples and corner-stone of the Church, come and save us, Lord our God!'

Saturday 24: Christmas Eve: Advent ends at sunset today & Christmas begins.
Advent prayer for daylight hours:
‘O Morning Star, sun of justice, come and let us see your glory!'

Sunday 25: The Nativity of the Lord.
Christmas: ‘The Word was made flesh and pitched his tent in our midst…'

Christmas Mass times
• Christmas Eve
6 pm Children's Mass (St Patricks):
9 pm Christmas Eve Mass (both churches)
• Christmas Day
10 am & 12 noon (St Patricks)
11.30 am (Holy Family)

Happy Christmas
‘The parish website & newsletter team wish all readers a happy Christmas and new year. Keep those photos, news & notices coming!'



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 15th. January 2006

Thank You from Cuanlee!

Cuanlee Refuge
Kyrls Quay
Tel: 427 7698

22 December 2005

Rev Bernard Cotter and the Parishioners of
Holy Family Church
Military Hill

Dear Fr. Bernard and Parishioners,

On my own behalf and on behalf of all the people whom you have helped this Christmas I would like to thank you, Fr. Bernard and all the Parishioners of Holy Family Church, for all the beautiful toys and foodstuffs donated to our Refuge. I can assure you that many homes will have a far better Christmas this year because of your generosity.

Yours sincerely
Pauline Dunne
Cuanlee Refuge

Holy Family News & Notices

Joan Lalor, late of Parkview, Wellington Road, died at Beaumont Residential Care on 15 December last. She was the beloved wife of the late Comdt. Stephen Lalor and mother of Fergus (Summerhill) and Brian. She was deeply missed also by daughters-in-law Clair and Mary, granddaughters Ayelet, Allegra, Caoimhe and Eve, extended family members and friends. Her funeral Mass took place at St Patrick's Church on 20 December.
Bill Roycroft, Adelaide House, Montenotte, died peacefully at the South Infirmary on 20 December last, the beloved husband of Jean and loving father of Jim. He was deeply mourned also by his brothers Tom and Jack, sister Mary, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, relatives and friends. His funeral Mass took place at St Patrick's Church on 22 December.

Our sincere sympathy is extended to Mary Frain, 11 Alexandra Villas, on the death of her brother, Bill Roycroft (obituary above).

Mollie Cullinane, Old Youghal Road (2005)
Patrick O'Donovan, Balmoral Terrace
Denis & Eamonn Lucey, Mt Vernon Terrace
James & Margaret O'Mahony
Owen & Maisie O'Regan; Kathleen Lynch.
May they rest in peace.

A record for the new millennium!
A record number of baptisms were recorded at Holy Family in the month just passed: seven children were baptised in December, including the child of a Methodist-Catholic marriage for whom an ecumenical baptismal service was conducted, with Fr Bernard and the Rev. Laurence officiating. Baptisms take place before or during weekend Masses.

Finance Corner (November)
31 Oct/1 Nov €240
5/6 Nov €539
12/13 Nov €580 Shrines €180
19/20 Nov €490
(Cork Marriage Counselling Centre €390)
26/27 Nov €698 Shrines €121
Also received: St. Patrick's Hospital €80, and single donation of €1,400.
The sum of €1205 was received in the November Offerings (this is divided among the three priests of the parish).
• The larger bills paid in November were Liam Davis & Co. Ltd. €7,087.10 (heating installation, final bill), Bord Gáis €114.32, Tony O'Connell Photography €170.25 (ecumenical service photos), and Eircom €62.

Finance Corner (December)
3/4 Dec €630
7/8 Dec €265
10/11 Dec €700 Shrines €123
17/18 Dec €715 Shrines €107
24/25 Dec €1,560
• The larger bills paid in December were Barry's Coaches €180 (transport to Ardfallen for Harvest Service) and Veritas €144.50 (books and candles).

Calendars still available
Be sure to pick up your own copy of the Holy Family Calendar 2006, with all the information you need about the church and its services. Since a Diocesan Directory is not being issued in 2006, this local publication will be all the more relevant. Our aim: a Holy Family Calendar in every house!
• Feel free to bring the gift of a calendar to any neighbour who doesn't normally come to Holy Family.

Three reasons to use new parish envelopes
• When PAYE payers give more than €250 in a year, the parish can claim back the tax already paid. This can amount to a lot of money. If not claimed back, the government keeps it!

• Self-employed people can claim relief on the basis of this donation to the parish (a charity). A letter from the parish acknowledging the amount paid is evidence to claim this relief. As a result, they pay less tax.
• Using the envelope allows the parish to personally acknowledge the sum you contribute each Sunday. (This may also help you with your own budget.)
Thanks for your support!

— This Week's Calendar —

Monday 9: Christmastide ends on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Ordinary Time resumes today. Mass is at 9.25 all week.

Tuesday 10: First Week in Ordinary Time, with readings each day from 1 Samuel and Mark's Gospel.
• Today is Asara B'Tevet (Jewish fast day, marking the beginning of the hostoric siege around Jerusalem by the Babylonians). Also Eid al-Adha (Muslim festival, commemorating Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac).

Wednesday 11:First Week in Ordinary Time

Thursday 12: First Week in Ordinary Time

Friday 13: St Hilary of Poitiers (315-367). Distinguished himself by making a stand against Arianism, an early heresy. When he was in exile by order of the Emperor, he used the time to write. His major works include De Trinitate, a study of the Trinity.

Saturday 14: First Week in Ordinary Time.
• Today is New Year's Day of the Orthodox Church (who follow the Julian Calendar).

Sunday 15: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. First Reading: 1 Samuel 2:2-10, 19 (Samuel learns how to answer God's call). The Second reading for the next five Sundays will be from Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. Today's excerpt is from chapter 6 (verses 13-15), reminding people that their bodies are not meant for fornication. Gospel is John 1:35-42. Why not look up these readings during the week?



Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 12th.March 2006


It will be alright

When I was young, the story in today's Gospel always sounded wonderful: a day out on the hilltop with Jesus and his three best friends.
I still think that, but of course I'm now aware of the context of that climb and the gathering of tension and pressure that would soon end Jesus' relatively short life on earth. So the climb with the apostles could have felt like something they'd rather not be doing. You can imagine their thoughts:
"Let's stay on the level";
"We don't need to take on that slope;"
"Why am I being invited to go along anyway?"
And if we bring our own thoughts to a current section of the rocky climb of our own — even with Jesus as companion — what are we thinking about it? Do we anticipate even more wind and cold on top? Do we pray (as I did once on Carrantuohill) that something (fog in my case) would happen to make the climb unnecessary? And then we rejoin Peter and the other two, and we hear a new emphasis in his surprised words: It is good for us to be here! (This despite what the vision intimates)
That moment of ‘Oh! Now I see! Not everything — of course not — but just enough to say: "It'll be alright: it may not make sense, but it will be alright"!'
Something I thought I knew in my head has been transfigured by my willingness to allow Jesus to accompany me — and now my heart can see differently.
So said Antoine de Sainte Exuper:
"It is only with the heart that we can
see rightly…"
Anne Alcock
St Lukes

News & Notices

Happy occasion
Congratulations to Arlene Zarate (née Moon, Military Road) and her husband Nick, living in Chicago USA, on the birth of their baby girl Ashling Agnes on Saturday 4 March — a sister for Roisin and Sinead.

Sincere sympathy
We extend sympathy to Enda Lynch, Lucyville, Wellington Road, on the recent death of her sister.
Sympathy is also extended to our organist, Sister Thaddeus PBVM, The Orchards, Montenotte, on the death of her sister.

Esther Dineen; James Dineen;
Joseph & Margaret O'Keeffe;
May and Joseph King.
May they rest in peace.

New book by Adi Roche
Congratulations to parishioner Adi Roche, Bellevue Park, on the recent launch of her book Chernobyl heart 20 years on. The book was launched by the Minister for Education and Science Mary Hanafin TD in the Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place.

St Patricks' Day
Friday next is Lá 'le Pádraig, a holyday of obligation. Mass Thursday evening at 7pm and on the feastday itself at 11.30. There will be no 9.25 am Mass on Thursday 16th.

Upcoming feast days
Mother's Day is celebrated each year on the Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday, the midway point of the season). This will be on Sunday 26 March in 2006, the day after the feast of the Annunciation of the Lord (25 March). Easter is three weeks later, beginning at nightfall of Saturday 15 April.
Child needed for Easter Vigil!
Easter, the great feast of hope and joy is made complete with the celebration of a baptism. It's particularly appropriate to christen a child or adult during the Easter Vigil, which will begin after nightfall on Saturday 15 April next. (In fact some parishes ban all baptisms during Lent and keep them for Easter time!). If you know of any family who may be about to present a child for baptism, encourage them to enhance the joy of the Easter Vigil by having their child christened during it.

The time of the Easter Vigil liturgy has not yet been set. The Vigil must not begin before nightfall, so the time of 7 pm or even 8 pm would probably be far too early by mid-April. Suggestions welcome.

Financial update

• January Financial Corner
31 Dec/1 Jan €641 Shrines €148
Thursday 6 Jan €325
7/8 Jan €1,245
14/15 Jan €725 Shrines €170
21/22 Jan €580
28/29 Nov €754 Shrines €220
Also received: Donation of €250 for collection, €100 for renovation account. The larger bills paid in January were Veritas €264.50 (Publications) and Bord Gáis €1,012.53.

• February Financial Corner
4/5 Feb €760 Shrines €120
11/12 Feb €635 Lourdes €655
18/19 Feb €795 Shrines €163
25/26 Feb €735 Shrines €60
Also received: Donation of €250 for collection, €100 for renovation a/c, €6 for certificates (same amount received in January).
No large bills paid in February.

Polish Chaplain for Cork
Fr. Piotr (Peter) Galus has been appointed as Diocesan Chaplain to the local Polish Community, looking after their spiritual needs. He celebrates Mass in the Polish language every Sunday at St Augustine's Church, Washington St, at both 9 am and 6pm (with Confessions before Mass).
Fr Piotr will assist in completing pre-nuptial enquiry forms and any other documents, and is also available to celebrate baptisms and marriages in the Polish Language in the parish church of any Polish couple. Fr Piotr can be contacted through one of these numbers:
• Mobile number: 087 695 1913
• Landline: 021 494 4976
• Email gpiotr@msn.com

Clergy Income 2005
The three priests of the parish recently met to share the income raised in the November Offerings, Autumn Dues and the Christmas Day collection. The Holy Family Church and church area contribution to this was substantial and most generous:
November Offerings €1205
Autumn Dues €9440
Christmas Day €1560
After pooling what was received in the whole parish, each priest had the following:
November offerings €917 each;
Christmas Day €2320 each
Autumn Dues € 6778 each
This gives the priests a total income of €10,015 to cover the months from September to February (ie half the year).
Priests in Cork & Ross do not have a monthly salary, but depend totally on the contributions of parishioners via Spring and Autumn dues, November offerings and the Easter & Christmas Day collections.
Fortunately, priests in poorer parishes (like St Patricks) receive donations from clergy in wealthier parishes to bring them up to the agreed diocesan minumum income.

Advancing Christian Unity
The annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity runs from Wed 18 to Wed 25 January. All Christians are invited to pray for uinity in those days. In honour of this occasion, the Reverend Laurence Graham of the Methodist Community has been invited to write the ‘front page article' on Holy Family News next Sunday.

Webmaster's affirmation
John Keating, who with John McCarthy maintains the parish website, welcomed the re-launch of Holy Family News in these words:
‘Hi Fr. Bernard, it's great to see Holy Family News back. It is a great community organ — particularly to those parishioners who are abroad.'
Those who visit the parish website can access Holy Family News there and can also visit the archive of past newsletters. At present, visitors can see photos of the recent presentation to Fr Christy and Canon Liam, to which Holy family parishioners contributed via the pre-Christmas raffle.
The parish website address is:

Alzheimer Society of Ireland
The Cork City Branch of the Alzheimer Society will hold a Carers' Support meeting in the SMA centre, Wilton,
on Monday 13 March at 8.00pm
All are welcome.

St Patrick's Day Masses
Masses in St Patrick's Church, Lower Road, at 10am, 12am and 6pm. Vigil Mass on Thursday 16th at 6 pm

Holy Land talk
Fr. Jerome Murphy-O'Connor OP will give a talk on ‘Jesus in the Holy Land:
What he saw and what we can still see.' The talk will be at Christ the King Church, Turner's Cross on Tuesday 14th March at 8pm.
Fr. Jerome has lived and worked in the Holy Land for over 40 years.
All are welcome.

Support Trócaire in Lent
In Nicaragua Trócaire is helping young people who live in severe poverty. Some of these young people work in terrible conditions on dump sites recycling the metal and plastics that are thrown out. The work is dangerous and many of these children do not attend school.
This week in the readings we are reminded of the sacrifice that Abraham made for God in offering up his son Isaac. We should remember the small sacrifice we can make during Lent to help children trying to survive on places like dumpsites.
• Trocaire boxes still available in the porch

‘The Word' is now on sale
In the March edition of The Word (available at Holy Family Church), Martin Mansergh speaks to Sarah McDonald about Irish history, Charles J Haughey and Unionism. Dr Vincent Twomey answers the question "May Separaterd Spouses Receive Communion?" (answering YES — ‘provided they have not entered into a second union.')
‘Toasting the Shamrock in Montserrat' is also described: this ‘Emerald Isle of the Carribean' is the only place outside Ireland where St Patrick's Day is a public holiday!

Office volunteers required
Cork Simon Community are seeking volunteers to help out for a few hours a week in their administration offices in Cove Street, Cork. Some office experience is desirable, but training will also be provided. If interested, please contact Georgia or Carol at 432 1051 or email:

Parish Envelopes available
The 2006 envelope boxes are now available. If you would like to make your weekly contribution to the parish through this new system, please pick up a box of envelopes at either church.

Food for thought
‘If you haven't the best of everything, make the best of everything you have.' — from a parishioner

‘True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new…'
— Antoine de Sainte Exuper

Parish Information
• Fr John Cotter PP, No. 1 Presbytery phone 450 4848
• Fr. Bernard Cotter PIC, No. 3 Presbytery phone 450 2696
• Canon Liam Leader AP, No. 4 Presbytery phone 450 0282
Emergency (Priest on duty) 087-825 2284
• Sacristy, St Patrick's Church
phone 086-310 7499 (except Thursday)
• Sacristy, Holy Family Church
phone 450 9311 (leave a message)

Readings at Sunday Mass in Lent
The readings in Lent are best understood in relation to conversion and baptism. They put before us the contrast between life and death, light and darkness, grace and sin. They ask us to choose life. They assure us that God who created humanity will never abandon us. They promise newness of life in Christ.
The first readings are chosen, as always, to harmonise with the Gospels. They are also meant to take us through some of the great moments in the history of salvation, as part of the catechesis which characterises Lent.
The Second Readings harmonise with the First Readings and the Gospels, and try to provide a link between them.

Today's First Reading (Genesis)
From early Christian times this remarkable story of Abraham and his son, Isaac, and the ‘test' to which the father was put, have been understood as foretelling how the heavenly Father sent his Son, and in this case the sacrifice did actually take place. In Lent we prepare to mark, on Good Friday, the sacrificial death of Jesus, on Calvary.
Reading from Peter's first letter
'God did not spare his own Son'. The sacrifice of Jesus is noted by Paul who points out to the Roman disciples that the risen Lord pleads with the Father on our behalf.
Why not read it again and see can we answer the questions posed by Paul.

This Week's Calendar
Mass is at 9.25 in Holy Family Church from Monday to Wednesday. Mass is at 10.00 am every day in St Patricks, Lower Road.

Monday 13 March: Second Week of Lent.

Tuesday 14 March: Second Week of Lent.
• Today Jews celebrate Purim, one of themost joyous feasts in their calendar. Its story is told in the Book of Esther.
• Today is New Year's Day for Sikhs.
• Holi begins also (Spring Festival of Hinduism)

Wed 15 March: Second Week of Lent.

Thursday 16 March: Second Week of Lent.
Vigil Mass of St Patrick at 6 pm in St Patricks and 7 pm in Holy Family

Friday 17 March: Solemn Feast of St Patrick, bishop, Principal Patron of Ireland.
Mass at 11.30 am in Holy Family, and at 10, 12 and 6pm in St Patricks, Lower Road.

Saturday 18 March: St Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop and doctor of the Church.

Sunday 19 March: Third Sunday in Lent, Year B. First Reading: Exodus 20:1-7 (The Ten Commandments). Second Reading is
1 Corinthians 1:22-25. Gospel John 2:13-25 (Cleansing of the Temple). St Joseph is celebrated on 20 March this year.




Holy Family News Summerhill to Collins Barracks, 96 FM to the Honan Home, (part of St. Patrick's Parish) ...................... 4th. June 2006



Free gifts from the Holy Spirit

Cork could be called a modern-day Tower of Babel! On a city bus you can hear at least five different languages. The Holy Spirit conferred the gift of tongues so that everyone could hear God's message in their own language. What is important is not the words or the accent but the Message. Let us hope that those who seek refuge in our land hear the Christian message from us not in our words alone, but in our attitudes and in our Christian charity.

All those young people who have been confirmed recently have received important gifts from the Holy Spirit. Fortitude, Hope and Understanding are some of these spiritual gifts. How helpful those will be as the Examination season approaches — not only in passing exams, but also in discerning what is important in life.

The Holy Spirit is often pictured as a Dove or as Tongues of Fire. These potent images convey to us the gift of Peace and the gift of Passion, both so necessary in this turbulent life.

Come Holy Spirit and enlighten our minds wiith your spiritual gifts.

C. Lynch
Military Hill


Chantelle Kathleen Hogan, Corban's Lane, off Military Road, was baptised at Holy Family recently. We congratulate her parents Cornelius and Geraldine.

First Holy Communion
For the first time ever, First Communions were celebrated at Holy Family on 27 May last. Our choir sang and a reception was laid on by ‘Holy Family Ladies Committee'.
We congratulate the children from St Lukes NS who received for the first time:
Patrick Cronin. Silver Heights;
Sophie Daly, Woodlands;
Sean Fenton, Grattan Hill;
Robert Finn, The Orchards;
Joy Hurley, Lovers Walk;
Joseph Mangan, Springfort;
Emily Moloney, Springfort;
Niamh Moloney, Lovers Walk;
Alana O'Flynn, Sidney Park;
Sarah O'Mahoney, Lovers Walk;
Eoin Piggott, Ardnalee.

Sincere Sympathy
We express sympathy to Sr Thaddeus, Sr Mary John and Sr John Mary on the death of Sister Raphael, South Presentation Sisters.

Tadhg O'Mullane, Beechmount,
Wellington Road (1st anniversary);
Michael Dorgan, St Lukes Villas
Alexandra Road (4th anniversary);
Tommy Lavin, Verdon Row,
Wellington Road (5th anniversary);
Elizabeth Lillis; Eileen Punch;
Dorothy O'Sullivan, Alexandra Terrace;
Dick Ryan, Bishopstown;
Mary Golden, Co Limerick.
May they all rest in peace.

We were represented at the ‘do'
Holy Family Community were represented at the conferring of the Freedom of the City of Cork on President McAleese by Georgina and Jim O'Donovan, Mt Vernon.

Congratulations to First Communicant Amy Hennessy, the grand-daughter of Nancy and John Hennessy, Mahony's Avenue.

Do This in Memory
All the children who celebrated First Communion this year will take a special part in the 11.30 Mass on Sunday 18 June (the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, popularly known as Corpus Christi). They are invited to dress up again for that day!

Bins: Reminder
Please note that the City Council now collects rubbish fortnightly — with recyling bags collected on the alternate week. Please consult the calendars distributed by the Council.

‘More is not better' — report
At the recent Faith and Justice Forum held in the Silversprings Hotel, Frs Sean Healy and Peter McVerry suggested that many people in Ireland have not benefitted from recent economic growth. Although Ireland is now the third wealthiest country in Europe, statistics show that many households live on less than €200 a week and that 44,000 people are on the waiting lists for homes.
A debate ensued at the conference (organised by Cork Theology Forum) on whether there is a two-tiered system in operation in Ireland. The conclusion reached was that people must now decide what kind of society they want — competitive or compassionate.

Finance Committee Report
The Parish Finance Committee met on 18 May — main points discussed:
• The parish does not generate enough income to provide an income for our three priests. They rely on support from priests in other parishes to make ends meet.
• It was decided to include an article on the finances of the parish in the newsletter to explain how funds are collected and used (see below).
• The weekly envelope collection system is making progress, with over 100 boxes issued. A half-yearly report will be sent to participants in July.
• There are a number of ongoing projects at St. Patrick's church. These include improving security and maintaining the building in good condition.
• The Holy Family Church roof has been repaired and the lights at the front enhanced. There is some concern about security and this is being addressed by the Management Committee there.

Financing your church
The normal collection at Masses (including the envelopes) is lodged to the parish bank account and is used for:
Altar supplies (breads, wine, candles, linens, vestments etc.);
Church heating;
Post, Telephone, stationery;
Purchase and repair of equipment;
Repairs and maintenance of church buildings and presbyteries;
Service charges;
Wages for sacristan, secretary, organist, cleaners etc.;
Diocesan Benevolent fund (6% of total to provide for retired and infirm priests);
Diocesan Fund (8% of total to provide for central administration and agencies in the diocese).
• Clergy income is separate from the Sunday collection and is derived from spring and autumn ‘dues', plus November Offerings and the entire collection taken up on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Each priest expects to receive to receive an annual income of €32,000 (gross). At present about half that amount is collected in this parish.

Upcoming events
• Bridie's Cake Sale Sat/Sun 24/25 June

• Parish Party Saturday 1 July at the Ambassador. Tickets €10 now on sale.


A true friend
A friend is one who's on your side,
Someone in whom you can confide,
One who consoles you when you're sad
And turns depressing days to glad.

A friend is there through thick and thin,
Caring, concerned and genuine;
A special someone with the gift
To give your heavy heart a lift.

When you're down and in despair,
A faithful friend is always there:
They do not scold or reprimand
And always seem to understand.

So, if you have but one true friend
To be there for you until the end:
Thank the Lord and say a prayer:
You're richer than a millionaire!
—submitted by a parishioner

Parish Information
• Fr John Cotter PP, No. 1 Presbytery phone 450 4848
• Fr. Bernard Cotter PIC, No. 3 Presbytery phone 450 2696
• Canon Liam Leader AP, No. 4 Presbytery phone 450 0282
Emergency (Priest on duty) 087-825 2284
• Parish Office, Holy Family Church
Tuesdays 9-11, phone 450 9311
• Parish Office, St Patricks Church (upstairs)
10-12 daily except Tues, phone 451 8191

Today's first reading explained
Pentecost was, originally, a Jewish feast. It celebrated the giving of the Law of God to Moses on Mount Sinai, God's precious gift to the Chosen People. For Christians, it commemorates an even greater gift, one offered not just to one people but to all humankind: the gift of God's Spirit.
This is an exciting story and there is every reason for all of us to stand in awe before the wonderful works of God, recounted here. If you look at an old map you can see what a far-flung range of people is included within the gift of God.

Second Reading explained
Paul contrasts life lived under the prompting of the Spirit and a form of life which ignores the Spirit's guidance. There is no doubt about the positive benefits of living under the guidance of the Spirit.

The Da Vinci Code unravelled
Carrigaline's ecumenical rector, the Rev David Armstrong, has written The Da Vinci Code Unravelled to expose the book's errors. The booklet is deemed acceptable by Bishop John Buckley and has a foreword by theologian Prof Eamonn Duffy of Cambridge. Available from Veritas Bookshop, Carey's Lane, Cork. Price: €2.

This Week's Calendar
Mass is at 9.25 in Holy Family Church from Monday to Friday. Mass is at 10.00 am every day in St Patricks, Lower Road.

Monday 5 June: St Boniface (673-754). He was born in Devonshire and went as a missionary to Germany, where he founded monasteries in Bavaria.
• Today is Whit Monday (Bank Holiday). World Environment Day (UN).

Tuesday 6 June: St Jarlath (abbot-bishop of the monastery he founded at Tuam, Co Galway). Patron of the archdiocese of Tuam.

Wednesday 7 June: St Colman, patron of the diocese of Dromore, which has its cathedral at Newry, Co Down.

Thursday 8 June: Ninth Week in Ordinary Time.

Friday 9 June: St Columba (Colum Cille), Abbot and missionary, Secondary Patron of Ireland. A native of Donegal, he founded monasteries at Derry, Durrow and Iona, in Scotland, where he died on 9 June 597.

Sat 10 June: Ninth Week in Ordinary Time.
Day to celebrate sovereignty over the Malvinas (Argentina)

Sunday 11 June: Trinity Sunday (‘The Most Holy Trinity').
Readings: Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40; Psalm 32; Romans 8:14-17, Matt 28:16-20.