Finance Committee Meetings


St. Patrick's Parish Finance Committee 27th November 2018


Present: Canon Dan Crowley, Bernard Forde, Aonghus O'Broin and Kitty O'Sullivan

Apologies: John Keating, Georgina O'Donovan and Kevin O'Dwyer.

The meeting had been brought forward to avoid a clash with other activities.

1. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of the 25th September were agreed.

2. Update from Holy Family Church

  • The wall above the archway will be ready for painting in the summer of 2019.
  • The advice received is the boilers are not adequate for the work expected of them. We will continue a wait and see approach.
  • Dampness is apparent on the Southern wall. We need to examine the gutters and consider the option of external cladding of a section.
  • The stained glass damaged by the storm has been temporarily repaired.
  • A survey of the electrical system has been completed and a report is due.
  • A leak has developed in the flat roof over the new toilets and needs attention

3. Update from St. Patrick's Church

  • The roofs on the outhouses at the rear of the Presbyteries are in poor condition. No's 3 & 4 need to be repaired.
  • Four sections of the roof of the Sacristy are to be repaired. The estimated cost is €2.5k
  • The external and internal plasterwork in No 1 the Presbytery needs major work. The estimated costs of all work is €8,000.
  • A stand will be provided giving details of the figures portrayed in the stained glass. Pat is working on this.
  • The area under the steps will be cleared to stop damp ingress to the mortuary at an estimated cost of €3k.
  • A leak has been discovered in the Hall of the roof and has been repaired.

4. Weekly envelope system

The income from the envelopes to the end of November is €20,982 which is similar to the same period in 2017 (€21,068). A tax refund (in respect of donations in 2017) of €16,426 has been requested, of which €11,905 has been received to date.

A reduced number of boxes for 2019 are ready for issue. We agreed the content of an appeal to be made from the altar on the weekends of the 2 nd and 16 th of December. The rota for the appeal is: St Patricks: 6pm Sat and Sun Aonghus, 12 Noon Sun, Pat Lane, 10.30 Holy Family Frank Holohan.

5. Parish Accounts

A report was circulated on the accounts for Jan-21st November 2018. See report for details. On 21 st November the parish bank account has a balance of €67,688.

6. Year end Forecast

An estimate has been made of the likely final accounts for the year. This shows an overall deficit of €3k.

7. Implications of income changes for parish finances.

The Bishop has approved the changes in the Mass schedule. We will lose the Sunday 6pm Mass and this will reduce the Offertory collection / Building fund income by €26k. As the Parish cannot be run at a loss this reduced income requires a significant reduction in costs. The main areas targeted for cuts are Payroll where reduced opening hours and attendance patterns can deliver savings of €13k. The majority of the rest of the reduction required will be taken from building maintenance.

8. Budget for 2019

A draft budget has been prepared showing the parish breaking even. One key element of this is a new very low budget of €8.5k for building maintenance. This is not likely to be sufficient and it was agreed to appeal to the congregation for donations to cover specific items of work. This will be included in the Dec appeal on 2nd and 16th December.

9. Major Building Maintenance Work Program

The details of the work identified earlier is on page 3 attached. The estimated costs of these works is in the order of €40k. Work can only proceed on a job by job basis based on urgency and availability of finance.

10. Fundraising and Cost Reduction

So far we added 12 plaques. The candle cards are selling well (€514). The concert raised €2,325, well done to all concerned. The static boxes need to be checked on a regular basis. So far they have raised €190. The new selection of the Christmas cards have been well received and sales are going well.

Our planned activities for the rest of 2018 include plaques (1/month), Static Boxes, Candle Cards, Concerts, Christmas Cards and a raffle. The lead role for each is: Plaques / static boxes - John, Candle / Christmas cards Aonghus, Concert Pat Lane, Raffle Georgina, Quiz Kitty. We have raised €5,061 so far. This is an excellent contribution to parish funds. Well done to all.

The use of electricity in Holy Family would appear to exceed that in St. Patrick's. Kevin agreed at the last meeting to look at this.

9. Any Other Business

None recorded.

Next Meetings

The next scheduled meeting date for 2019 is Tuesday 29th January.



Aonghus O'Broin

Parish Secretary

28th November 2018


Building Maintenance Summary

St. Patrick's

  1. Boiler maintenance needed
  2. Check main roof for loose slates and clear gutters 2 person job
  3. Inspect the 4 skylights
  4. Finish repair of Sacristy roof 4 sections (material in hands) Tom + 1 helper.
  5. Remove all rubbish under steps to clear damp in mortuary, requires Tom Cuffe and two helpers 3 days? and 4-5 skip bags
  6. Remove Ivy growing on rock around Church invading neighbour's house
  7. Bush on spire Collins steeplejack.


  1. Remove growth at back of Presbyteries and rubbish in the yard of No 1.
  2. Repair outhouse roofs on no 3 and no 4.
  3. Plastering no 1 test patch with special lime plaster a.s.a.p. Tom + 1.

Holy Family

  1. Boiler maintenance needed
  2. Western wall is wet needs cherry picker to check chutes
  3. Gable ready for painting next May/ June with special paint Pat to see.
  4. EL survey awaited expect removal of pyro cabling
  5. No fire alarm in Church