Finance Committee Meetings

St. Patrick's Parish Finance Committee 6th June 2017


Present: Canon Dan Crowley, Bernard Forde, John Keating, Pat Lane, Aonghus O'Broin,

Georgina O'Donovan, and Kitty O'Sullivan.



1. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of the 24th January were reviewed, amended and agreed.

2. Update from Holy Family Church

  • The wall above the archway looks better as the loose paint has been removed. It may be another 12 months before the wall will be dry enough for painting. It will be kept under review.
  • The external cladding on the sidewall in the sanctuary has been completed, well within budget.
  • The two heating boilers have been serviced and overhauled. The advice received is they are not adequate for the work expected of them. A replacement boiler would cost €7,225 +vat

 3. Update from St. Patrick's Church

  • The organ restoration has not been completed. This is a larger job than originally envisaged and can be done in two stages. The first stage is to connect the base pipes (estimate €5k). Joe Leake is considering holding a fundraiser for the larger second phase.
  • The roofs on the outhouses at the rear of the Presbyteries are in poor condition. No 2 has been completed and no's 3 & 4 need to be repaired.
  • The roof-light in the Sacristy has been replaced at a cost of just over €8k. The members approved the increase in expenditure by phone call. There are other repairs required to the roof of the Sacristy. The estimated cost is €1.5k
  • There dry rot in No1 has been removed. The area effected will require treatment at a cost of €1k + vat.
  • The main entrance door to the mortuary will be draft proofed.
  • The backlighting of the stained glass between the Mortuaryand the main church has been very well received. The cost of this work was covered by a very generous donation from Maureen Quill. An appropriate plaque will be installed. A stand will be provided giving details of the figures portrayed in the glass. The welcome leaflet will be revised to suit.
  • The work maintenance of the external roof and walls of the Hall is in hands. The estimated cost is €3,000.

4. Weekly envelope system

The income from the envelopes for the first five months of 2017 is €9,757 which is 20% above the same period in 2016 (€8157). The increase is due to the addition of new participants to the scheme at the start of the year. A tax refund in respect of donation in 2016 of €13,613 has been requested, of which €6,643 has been received to date.

5. Parish Accounts

A report was circulated on the accounts to the end of May. See report for details. On 2 nd June the parish bank account has a balance of €60,101.

6. Building Maintenance Work Program

The status of the work identified at the December meeting is:

Holy Family:

Entrance Hall and flooring completed

Sanctuary Wall completed

New boiler €8,500 for further consideration

Paint archway - €3,000 when wall is fully dry

St. Patrick's:

Roof light over Sacristy completed

Repair Sacristy roof - €1,500

Mortuary door draught proof smaller job agreed

Organ - €5,000 awaits fundraising suggestions from Joe Leake


Rear sheds in progress

Dry rot in No 1 cleared needs treatment.


Roof and downpipe repairs estimated €3,000.

It was agreed that we would not take on any major jobs and carefully manage maintenance spend and limit it to essential items only. We will review the program at the September meeting.

7. Fundraising and Cost Reduction

So far this year we have added 8 plaques. The candle cards are selling well and a new supply was purchased in April. We need to check on the status of the boxes on a regular basis, nothing has been banked so far this year. Canon Dan and Georgina will make the Christmas cards selection for 2017.

Our planned activities for the remainder of 2017 include plaques (1/month), Static Boxes, Candle Cards, Christmas Cards, a raffle associated with a Quiz night in October. The lead role for each is: Plaques / static boxes - John, Candle / Christmas cards Aonghus, Raffle Georgina, Quiz Kitty. We have raised €3,521 so far this year which is a bit behind target of €10,000. Well done to all.

We have not identified any other specific items for cost reduction. We agreed to continue to be vigilant and seek to reduce costs and get better value for money where possible.

8. Any Other Business

Concern was expressed at the deterioration of the condition of No 1 the Presbytery. Aonghus is to contact Declan O'Connell about the options the parish may have for the future use of this house.

Next Meetings

The meeting dates for 2017 are all Tuesdays 26th September and 28th November in No 3 the Presbytery at 7.30pm.


Aonghus O'Broin

Parish Secretary

8th June 2017.