Finance Committee Meetings

St. Patrick's Parish Finance Committee 21st January 2020.


Present: Canon Dan Crowley,P.P. Bernard Forde, John Keating, Aonghus O'Broin, Georgina O'Donovan and Kitty O'Sullivan.

Apologies: Kevin O'Dwyer

1. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of the 24th September 2019 were agreed.

2. Update from Holy Family Church

  • One of the two boilers is out of action and will be serviced.
  • We await a quotation for the work involved with the electrical wiring.
  • Kevin has submitted an application under the community employment schemes on behalf of our Parish and is expecting a decision shortly.
  • The plaster around the exit door has been repaired.
  • The new yoga classes are going well and may be extended to daytime. Stand alone electrical heaters can not be used until the wiring had been renewed.
  • There may be boundary issues with the neighbor on the northern side of the Church.
  • The lock in the interconnecting door is not working properly.

 3. Update from St. Patrick's Church

  • The roofs on the outhouses at the rear of the Presbyteries are in poor condition. No's 3 & 4 need to be repaired.
  • Four sections of the roof of the Sacristy are to be repaired. The estimated cost is €2.5k. We have received a donation to cover this work.
  • The external and internal plasterwork in No 1 the Presbytery needs major work. The estimated costs of all work is €8,000.
  • The roof over the side altar beside the mortuary need to be repaired.
  • A quotation has been received to renew the main lights in the church.

 4. Parish Accounts

A report was circulated on the accounts for the 2019 year. See report for details. On 31st December the parish bank account has a balance of €145,374, showing a net gain for the year of €75,750. This was made possible by the receipt of a legacy of over €81,000 and special appeals which raised almost €5,000. Without these extra streams of income the parish would have had a deficit of over €11,000. The adoption of the accounts was proposed by Kitty, seconded by Georgina and approved by all.

5. Weekly envelope system

The income from the envelopes for the year is €31,433, which is similar to 2018 (€31,944). A tax refund (in respect of donations in 2018) of €15,637 has been requested, of which €11,993 has been received before the end of December. A further payment of €2,032 was received in January. The boxes of envelopes for 2020 have been distributed. There are over 20 boxes still available and we should encourage new people to participate in the system.

6. Major Building Maintenance Work Program

The details of the work identified is on page 3 attached. We await quotations for a number of items.

7. Fundraising and Cost Reduction

During the year we added 23 plaques. The candle cards sold well (€578). The concerts raised €3,780, the static boxes raised €345 and the Christmas cards €561. The quiz raised €1,581 and the two special appeals raised €4,770. In all we raised €13,830. This is an excellent contribution to parish funds. Well done to all.

Our planned activities for 2020 include plaques (1/month), Static Boxes, Candle Cards, Table Quiz (date set is 8th October) , Christmas Cards and an Easter raffle on 12th April. The lead role for each is: Plaques / static boxes - John, Candle / Christmas cards Aonghus, Table Quiz Georgina , Raffle Kitty.

The Educate together group use of HF hall is less than planned. We have a new tenant who runs yoga classes and who may wish to expand her classes.

The use of electricity in Holy Family would appear to exceed that in St. Patrick's. Kevin agreed to look at this.

9. Any Other Business

We have started the process of seeking permission from the Diocese to let Presbytery no 4.

Aonghus proposed some minor changes in the management of the parish accounts and these were approved.

community employment schemes

The committee recorded a vote of condolence to the family and friends of Garry Horgan, a long time member of the parish finance committee, who died at Christmas. He was a great supporter of the parish and will be sadly missed.

Next Meetings

The scheduled meeting dates for 2020 financial year are Tuesday 19th May, Tuesday 15th September and Tuesday 21st January 2021. These dates will not be changed and all committee members are urged to attend.



Aonghus O'Broin

Parish Secretary

22nd January 2020.