Margaret Cotter


Mrs. Margaret Penny/Cotter

In 2008, a Mr. Trevor Penney, Berkshire, England wrote to us enclosing the attached, which he thought might be of interest. It concerned an application from his Great, Great Grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Penny, who had written to St. Patrick's Church in 1913, requesting a copy of her baptismal certificate for the purpose of obtaining a pension from the Aldgate Lordship Foundation. Trevor had also included a copy of a photograph of Margaret which is considered very valuable given Margaret's age. She was not sure at the time of her age, perhaps somewhere between 65 and 68.

Fr. Wm. F. McCarthy, CC, replied where it is noted that Margaret was Baptised on the 25th. February 1844, which meant that she was in fact 69 years of age at that time. Trevor was keen to find out anything more about Margaret. For some reason we failed to get back to Trevor at that time.

Margaret's parents were a John Cotter and a Mary Maloney. .

Sometime later, while undertaking further work on 'The Search for John Cotter', it was found, (''), that Margaret was married to a Thomas Penny (or Penney) on the 25th. January 1865, where her birth date was given as 1846, she would be 19 years of age according to this date. She was in fact two years older, Thomas's birth was given as 1824, and his age was 41 years. It is believed that Thomas may have been in the British Army and stationed at Victoria Barracks.

Margaret, in her letter, gives her address as 221, Golden's Cross, Old Youghal Road. An extensive search through the City Library documents and on foot, failed to find a 'Golden's Cross' anywhere in the vacinity of Old Youghal Road. The only possible location is 'Gordan's Hill', but this is about a mile from 221, Old Youghal Road, and the area has no evidence of a house being on this hill in the 1800's.

And, so the only conclusion is that Margaret's birth place must be 221, Old Youghal Road.

Given that Margaret, at the age of 21 had made a two year error on her marriage certificate, gave an area such as 'Golden's Cross' which could not be found and nominated 221, Old Youghal Road as a further birth place (included in the Register of Baptisms), is it possible that 221 could in fact be 224, Old Youghal Road, in 1844.

In February, Sheila wrote us and asked if we would check on a marriage record of a John Cotter and a Mary ...... around 1836 to 1842, we had no record.

From Guys Almanac we know that John Cotter lived at 224 Old Youghal Road during 1844/45.

Trevor's Great, Great Grandmother was a MARY Mahoney.