Reports from Fundraising Committee.

Notes from Fundraising meeting – 13th May 2014


Present: Deirdre Daly, John Keating, Pat Lane, Aonghus O’Broin and Kitty O’Sullivan.

Apologies: Bernard Forde, Oliver Lucey, Pat O’Brien, Georgina O’Donovan, Pat O’Shea and Frank Rodahan.


The minutes of the meeting of 10 th October were agreed.

Copies of the accounts for the first four months of 2014 were circulated and discussed.

Work Program

St. Patrick’s Church

Work completed since the meeting in October:

Final Stage of the wiring has been completed within budget. One small payment is still due.

Some work done on the dampness on the Sanctuary and Mortuary. Estimate €5k for next stage.

The leak in the bell-tower has been repaired, the final cost estimate is €9k.

Work requiring attention:

The block-wood floor on the LHS is rotten in parts – estimated cost €45k

The organ restoration has not been completed. A quotation of €5 to €6k has been received from Sheppards.

The gutters and dormer (9) windows of the Presbyteries need urgent attention. The gutters, soffits, facias and drains at the front need to be replaced. Estimate €30k.

The drains around the Hall require clearing / replacement.

New down pipe from main roof to reduce risk of flooding. Estimate €2k

Repair roof over Holy Family Altar. Estimate €3k

Holy Family Church

Work completed since the meeting in October:

Phases 1 and 2 of the electrical rewiring have been completed at a cost of €3,758.

The roof trusses have been supported.

A leak has been sealed on the roof, and new roof vents provided.

The broken window near the apex of the roof in the hall has been repaired.

Two fences have been erected at the back to seal off the northern gable. (€1,390)

A leak around the windows of the hall and meeting room has been sealed.

Work requiring attention:

An estimate of sealing the western gable externally is €20k.

We have to wait for the wall to dry out before painting the archway.

There is dampness on a wall in the meeting room.

The drains on the Northern side need to be cleared – estimated cost €2k.

The main hall meeting room needs to be redecorated.

The southern elevation of the external brickwork will cost €70k to re-point and repair.

The re-pointing and repair of the remaining walls may cost €50k.

Fundraising Activities


15 have been sold since the October meeting.

Christmas Cards:

We sold a lot of our stock in 2013 for a return of €569. There are roughly 200 packs remaining and we need envelopes for half of them. We decided not to buy more stocks this year and to clear the remaining stocks instead.

Baptism Photos:

John Keating has a steady flow of sales of memory sticks, averaging one a month.


A raffle for a hamper was held at Easter and €1,280 raised

Quiz Night:

Will be held in early October. (Jean Kelleher and family arranged a very successful quiz last year)

Static Boxes:

John is a bit disappointed with the way these boxes are managed by some of the businesses. He will keep it under review.

Candle Cards:

We will investigate the possibility of introducing “I lit a Candle cards” Samples will be sought from the suppliers.

Overview of Financial Situation

We have spent €20,675 on building maintenance in the first four months of 2014. Our bank balance is close to our threshold of €20,000 and we will not undertake anything other than emergency maintenance until more funds are available. The next influx of funds is expected soon by way of the tax refund from Revenue on the envelopes system. This will amount to around €16,000.

What else can we do?

A list of fundraising ideas generated at a previous meeting is attached. All to consider these and try to develop them. Suggestions should be brought to either management committee or the finance committee.

Since fundraising is proving very difficult we must look at cost reduction again. All are asked to review the detailed accounts of the parish provided and see if we can identify areas where we can reduce costs.

Next meeting : Tuesday 28th October, St. Patrick’s Hall at 7.30pm.


Aonghus O’Broin,

Parish Secretary,