Memorium 05- 11 - 17

A ship sails and I stand watching

till she fades on the horizon

and someone at my side says

'She is gone'

Gone where?

Gone from my sight, that is all;

she is just as large as when

I saw her,

The diminished size and total loss of

sight is in me, not in her,

and just at that moment

when someone at my side says,

'She is gone'

there are others who

are watching her coming

and other voices take up

a glad shout,

'Here she comes, she is here'.

Recent Death and Obituary:

Please pray for the soul of our dear friend, neighbour and well known and loved parishioner, Mrs.Marian Hayes (nee Brennan), St Lukes, who died last Sunday after a long illness. May she rest in everlasting peace in Heaven with her late husband John and her loving parents.

Our sincere sympathies go to her dear brother Michael, one of our most loyal and stalwart parishioners, on the death of his dear sister, to her brothers Anthony and Paddy, and indeed to all of Marian's and Michael's family, friends and relations.

For Your faithful people O Lord, life is changed, not ended.' May her soul and all the souls of the Faithful Departed, rest in peace. Amen

Recent Anniversaries and Prayers Requested

Harry Langton, Mt. Vernon Tce. (2007)

Simon Buckley Military Rd. (2006)

Sheila Egan, Adelaide Tce. (2004)

M.E. Darrer, Bellevue Park (1989)

Norah Hannon, St. Lukes (2nd Anniversary)

Patrick and Ann Twomey, Marianville, St. Lukes

Liam McKeown, Mt. Vernon Tce. (2010)

Janet Cahill (7th Anniversary)

Billy McKeown and his mother Ann McKeown

Des Mullarkey,

Bertie Mulcahy,

Dick Perryman,

Vera O'Driscoll,

Jack & Josephine Leahy,

Josephine Casey, (died this week)

The deceased residents of the Lower Glanmire Road and area.

May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen