Memorium 9 - 12- 2018

A ship sails and I stand watching

till she fades on the horizon

and someone at my side says

'She is gone'

Gone where?

Gone from my sight, that is all;

she is just as large as when

I saw her,

The diminished size and total loss of

sight is in me, not in her,

and just at that moment

when someone at my side says,

'She is gone'

there are others who

are watching her coming

and other voices take up

a glad shout,

'Here she comes, she is here'.

Anniversaries and Prayers Requested.

Please pray for the following:

Margaret Corcoran (month's mind)

John Corcoran (anniversary)

Paddy O' Leary

Alfie and Sarah Sparks(remembrance)

Michael Keyes

Frances Dwyer

Kieran Mulcahy

Meave O'Leary, St Luke's Post Office (2007)

Aidan Murphy, Wesley Terrace

Jeremiah Meany

Marie Hyde(recently deceased)

Breda Spillane(recently deceased)

Peter Dooley(recently deceased)

May they rest in peace .