Parish Pastoral Meeting - 'Making Connections Conference'

Saturday, 20th Nov 2010
This half-day Conference was designed and hosted by the Parish Pastoral Council to bring together the different working groups within St. Patrick's and Holy Family.

The purpose of the Conference was to build connections and establish positive working relationships between the various groups.

The morning commenced with a special Mass in Holy Family, concelebrated by the Priests of the Parish. The Church was beautifully decorated and members of the two choirs sang together to a hugely appreciative congregation.

Almost 100 people attended the Conference which was opened by our Parish Priest, Canon Dan Crowley. During his opening address, he reflected on how dramatically the church has changed or evolved during his time as a Priest.

Using a circles analogy, he described the church today. At the core are all those who are working tirelessly to build a faith community - "all you good people". He praised the work of the various groups and emphasised the important role that they play in the church today. Later he thanked them for the work they do every day.

During the conference, twelve of the working groups presented their vision and purpose, their members, their current challenges, the frequency and location of their meetings and contact details, in the relaxed and inviting atmosphere of the Ambassador Hotel.

Sr. Anne interjected with some gentle movements, getting everyone up on their feet to reflect on "giving and receiving", and on the "uniqueness of self".

Plenty of time was allowed for mixing and group discussion. Many excellent ideas were generated. These will be reviewed, prioritised and incorporated into the Parish Pastoral Council's 2011 work plan.

Canon Liam Leader's reflection was enlightening. Using a powerful visual, he spoke of the early church, the gift of baptism and the role of the faithful before and after Vatican II.
The conference closed at 1pm and was followed by a lovely lunch where everyone continued to network.

We owe a special thanks to the management and staff of the Ambassador Hotel for the excellent facilities, food and service.

Feedback from those who attended was very positive. Well done to all who made it possible.

Parish Pastoral Council Conference, 20th. November 2010

The Parish Pastoral Council Members

Some of the Conference Delegates

Deep in Thought

More Delegates

More Photos to follow

Parish Pastoral Council Members 2012

Aonghus O'Broin
Cecily Lynch
Mary Canole-Joyce
Sean Dunne
Kitty O'Sullivan (Chair)
Nancy Hennessy
Joe Fahy
Ruaire O'Laoire
Willie O'Brien
Canon Dan
Frank Rodahan

Some members of the Parish Pastoral Council getting ready for their last meeting of 2009 at the Holy Family Hall on Tuesday, 1st. December.

Update from Parish Council, May 2010

We had two meetings recently. The first was set aside for a formal review of progress. This review was lead by Sr. Karen from the Diocesan Pastoral Development Office. She has been our mentor / facilitator from the start in late 2008. Good progress has been made with the projects we have chosen - Communications through new notice board and regular newsletter items, enhancing congregational involvement in the Mass, Church Music, and a retreat for Ministers of the Word and Eucharist.

We agreed that we will continue and develop the initiatives we have made already. We considered what we might address next. Our learning and feedback from the joint retreat of Ministers of the Word and the Eucharist has encouraged us to consider doing something similar with a much wider group. Sr. Karen agreed to assist us with this project.

The second meeting was focused on the 'conference' idea above. We are at early stage yet and will need to consult widely with a large number of pastoral groups that are active in the parish. The goal of the conference is to build connections with / between all these groups and in this way support and reinforce each others pastoral activities. Our challenging target is to have something organised for October / November this year. We will report regularly in the newsletters to keep you up to date with the progress.

Parish Council News, Easter 2010

We are making steady progress with all the initiatives we have started

You may have noticed the changes in the crib layouts at Christmas or the new notice board in the hall in Holy Family or the increased level of participation at Sunday morning masses.

Maybe you noticeed the soft music being played in the churches before services.

It is hard to believe that we are already a full year in operation. We hope to continue to add value as time progresses.

If you have any suggestions to make, or want to volunteer a helping hand, please see the new notice board at the back of the church in Holy Family or contact either sacristan.

Parish Pastoral Council News

The Council met again this month. We are continuing with the initiative to increase the participation of the congregation in the Mass at 11.30 and 12noon on Sundays. We have arranged to have more music played in the churches. We hope to have a new notice board in operation from next month.

We arranged a special meeting of Ministers of the Word and the Eucharist last week in Marymount Chapel. It was a prayerful meeting where Canon Dan, Sister Anne and Canon Liam provided a refresher course for both sets of Ministers from both Churches. The feedback from the participants was very positive.

We owe a special thank you to Sister Anne and Marymount for hosting the meeting of such a large number of people.

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

There was a meeting of the Council in Holy Family on Tuesday 6th October.

We are following through on four areas of activity,

-increasing involvement of the congregation in the celebration of the Eucharist,

-developing communications on the work of groups involved in parish activities,

-increasing the amount of music when choirs are not available and

-arranging a retreat for ministers of the Eucharist and ministers of the Word (date to
be set but likely to be early in November).

The committee nominated Mary Connole-Joyce and Kitty O'Sullivan as its representatives on The Pastoral Area Co-ordinating Group.

Introducing the New Parish Pastoral Council

Over the last three weeks we looked at the background to the formation of Parish Councils in general and also within our Parish.

This week the St. Patrick's Parish Pastoral Council will be commissioned in St. Patrick's Church at 12 o'clock Mass on Sunday.

The ceremony will be repeated next weekend at 11.30 am Mass in Holy Family. If you have been following this series of articles in the newsletters, or on the new Parish Council notice board, you will have an appreciation of the challenge facing them.

The members of St Patrick's / Holy Family Pastoral Council (2012) are:
Fr. Dan Crowley,
Frank Rodahan,
Mary Connole-Joyce ,
Kay Dunne,
Joe Fahy,
Nancy Hennesssy,
Jean Kelleher,
Cecily Lynch,
Noreen McCarthy,
Willie O'Brien (Vice Chair),
Patricia ,
Ruairí O'Laoire,
Kitty O'Sullivan, (Chair)

If you would like to help, please contact any member of the Council, or phone the Parish Office at 4518191. We will be delighted to take details of how to contact you and your areas of interest.

Please wish them well and pray for success with their work.

Some of the Parish Pastoral Council introduced after 12 o'clock Mass at St. Patrick's Church on 19th. April 2009

Included are:- Willie O'Brien, Noreen McCarthy, Mary Canole-Joyce, Nancy Hennessy, Kitty O'Sullivan, Ruiri O'Leary, Sr. Anne, Jean Kelliher, Cecily Lynch and Aonghus O'Broin.

Parish Pastoral Council , 21st. June 2009

Our Parish Pastoral council was set up earlier this year. We have met once a month since our first meeting in February. The first project we have taken on is 'how to make the Mass as inclusive as possible'. We have come up with a number of ideas which are on trial on Sundays at the 11.30am Mass in Holy Family and the 12 Mass in St. Patrick's. There main changes you might notice are:

* People coming to Mass are welcomed at
the door and given a Mass leaflet
* the Priest and the Minister of the Word
enter the church through the front door
and walk in procession to the altar
* Members of the congregation are asked to
bring up the gifts at offertory time.

These changes will continue until the end of June and we would welcome feedback on them. What do you think? Can you suggest other changes that would make the Mass more inclusive? Please give your suggestions to any member of the Parish Pastoral Council or by phone to 4518191.

If you would like to know more about the Parish Council please see the notice boards at the back of the churches.