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Results of Easter Draw

Congratulations to All

Nuala O'Brien Hamper (Large) Pale Green 36 - 40
Helen Sexton Hamper (Small) Cream 211 - 215
Catherine Cowey Black Label Whiskey (Johnnie Walker) Yellow 281 - 285
Charles McCarthy Sandwich Maker Blue 71 - 75
Aidi Roche Bottle of Port Pale Green 356 - 360
Dan Daly Wine & Toiletries Yellow 316 - 320
Nancy Leahy Wine & Toiletries Pink 121 - 125
Ashling Kelleher Voucher & Hair Spray White 76 - 80
Maureen Forde Basket of Flowers Yellow 536 - 540


La Feile Naomh Padraig - i - Corcaigh 2014

Welcome to Cork - The Rebel Country

Ambassador Hotel changes hands

The Irish Examiner, in it's review of hotel sales in the Cork area reports that the Ambassador Hotel has been sold to the Dublin based firm of McGettingans for 1.5 million euro. This hotel is a popular venue the the Holy Family Church parishiones for such events as Christmas Parties etc.


Roof Repair Works, St. Patrick's Church

Space between Main Altar outerwall and quarried rockface

Void under failed roof showing original hardwood timber lattice work which holds the plaster behind the Sacred Heart alcove

Our hardworking multi-tasking Secretary, Aonghus, inspects the work.

Night scene at St. Luke's Church during the Le Chat Noir's Chronicle of Cinematic Fashion on 12th. Oct. 2013

Crowley Music Centre, McCurtin St., (within the Parish)

Not only Cork or National but International music lovers are mourning the closure of the Crowley Music Centre, this month

After 78 years in business Sheeha Crowley explained that not only did this iconic Cork enterprise supply the first guitar to Rory Gallagher but they also " supplied instruments to The Horslips, Joe Herlihy who became U2's soundman used to work for us and he used to ring up looking for certain guitars for The Edge, and Christy Moore used to ask my father to get certain types of guitar for him.

Thank you Crowley family for your great service to the City of Cork


Recently found photograph of St. Patrick's Church believed to be about 1902. Note the tram electric poles and cables along the centre of Glanmire Rd. and the tram as it goes over the present railway bridge. This tram would have have continued on the Silverspring/Tivoli area. Snow was on the ground at the time and apart from the three sidecarts, everyone was walking. Note also the large stone Celtic Cross in the lower right hand corner (where is it now) and also the horse trough which is possibly the trough relocated to the corner of Ship St. (see this trough further along in 'Parish Snippets'

(click on picture for larger version, note the person on the ladder to the left of the Celtic Cross)

A group of young Pilgrims of the Neocatechumenal Way Communities from Colorado and Wyoming who visited with us on 16th. August. Picture taken on a sunny day in Patrick St. by Jose Alvarez

Christmas Eve Night at St. Luke's Cross 2010

(Larger Photo - Click)

What Nerve !

A Steeplejack pointing the stonework on the Presbyterian Trinity Church at lower Summerhill on a beautiful October morning (12.10.2010)

29-11-09 Annual Mass

The annual Mass at St. Patrick's Church in rememberance of Irish Forces who lost

their lives while on United Nations duties in various parts of the World

Bobby Raymond, with Colour Party, Eugene Murphy, Jimmy Cotter and Pat Culleton

Canon Liam greets Cork Lord Mayor Councillor Dara Murphy


Margaret Corcoran with Mayor Dara Murphy

Mary Lane gets on with the job of selling the Christmas Cards while Pat Lane chats

with Rosemary O'Leary


29-11-09 'Watering Hole'

Water storage point at St. Luke's Cross. Cork City Council provided over 50

such points throughout North Cork City, operated by the Council staff during

the times 06.00 to24.00 daily. The speed of providing these points have

been lauded by some 18,000 persons who have been left without household

water since the 20th.November 2009, as a result of the flooding of the

pumping station at the begining of the'Straight Road'



Breaking News :

+Bishop John Buckley , announced (28th. Oct.), five new members of the Cathedral Chapter (in existence since 1180), who will hold the title Canon to include our own Fr. Dan Crowley PP.

Congratulations Canon Dan from your St. Patrick's Parish flock.

25-09-09 Cork-Swansea Ferry

The new Cork-Swansea Ferry docks at Penrose Quay (within the Parish) prior to its refit and commencing service in March 2010. The new line will be known as the 'Fastnet Line', see also

20-09-09 Presbyteries Clean -Up

The grounds in front of and around the Presbyteries were recently given a much needed make over with rejuvinated lawns, planters and gravelled areas. And all of this was carried voluntary by Parish stalwards Paddy Lane and his son Barry - parishioners and clergy say a big ''Well Done and Thanks'

07-03-07 Hearse outside St. Patrick's Church circa 1900s..........................................or is it?

The astute observer will have noticed the modern lampstandard, road markings and clean tarmacadam surface, hardly 1900's.

The photograph was taken during this past week of a funeral taking place at St. Patrick's Church.

The hearse was built by Dottridge of London in 1882 for Messrs Goode on the Marsh, Cork, a Quaker undertaking firm who used it for their own community, they were also Job Masters, i.e. they subletted their services with this hearse.

It is believed that the hearse subsequently went to Cronins Undertakers before the second world war and from there to an Undertaking firm in NewcastleWest, Limerick about 1961.

The present owner purchased and totally restored the hearse about 1971 and is now used as a 'hobby', it being put into service perhaps two to three times yearly on request. There are only three such hearse in use in Ireland at present, however the other two are modern reproductions.

The hearse is drawn by Carriage Horses known as Dutch Geldlanders, these horses are bred for the purpose.


SSt. Luke's Cross upgrading works to get under way shortly

Notice the absence of overhead power wires

Renovation works on St Lukes Church looking down Mahony's Avenue



12-11-06 All Change at Kent Station

1. Automatic Ticket Collection Machine

2. Money Change Machine

3. Letter Post Box circa 1860 (Still used)

4. Internet Centre (one of two available)

5. Telephone Outlets (one of two)


12th. Nov. 2006 Lower Road Residents Object

During an oral hearing held under the auspices of the Railway Public Order Inquiry Office the residents from the Lower Glanmire Road expressed strong opposition to a proposal from Iarnrod Eireann to build a new €10 million flyover bridge to access the homes at Myrtle Hill Terrace and Bellview Villas.

But the residents of both areas insisted that existing level crossings would be adequate to allow them cross the track.

Geraldine O'Neill, of Myrtle Hill said Iarnrod Eireann seemed confused over their plans because while they had initially said the new bridge was necessary, they suggested to residents just two weeks ago that they would automate the existing level crossing as an alternative.

Mr. Dominic Creedon, Solicitor for the residents pointed out that the houses existed some 30 years before the railway line was laid down in the 1860's and that the right of access to the houses was not a private right but a statutory right which could not be extinguished.

Residents also strongly objected to the visual impact of the proposed flyover bridge.

Good Friday, 10th. April 2009

A pre-assembled bridge was lifted into place during a 24 hour road closure on this day. The need for this bridge is to facilitate the increased commutor rail traffic when the Cork/Middleton service commences in June of this year.

Looking west (towards the city)

Looking east


23.02.06 St. Patrick's Hospital and Marymount Hospice

Mr. Kevin O'Dwyer, Chief Executive, announced today that Planning Permission has been received for the relocation of this highly respected Institution (within the heart of St. Patrick's Parish) to a greenfield site in Bishopstown.

Originally established in 1870, with a chapel dedicated to the Holy Ghost presented by Miss Isabella Honan under the care of the Sisters of Charity in 1909, and a specialised pallitive care unit developed in 1980, has served Cork people with distinction all through the years.

The new Hospital and Hospice will cost €52 million and it is expected that the new Institution will come into service at the end of 2008.



14-08-05 Parish on Up and Up

Planning permission has been sought for the demolishion of all existing properties on the site bounded by Lr. Glamire Rd., Brian Boru St., Ship St. and the river frontage on St. Patrick's Quay, with the exception of stone structures on this quay, and the erection of a massive 6/4 level development on the site.

The development, comprising office accommodation on all elevations with the exception of retail outlets on the ground floor of the Lr. Glanmire Rd. facade, will provide a gross area of 14,084 m2 and is estimated to cost in the region of €100m.

Included in the development will be a double decked underground car park for 216 cars and 50 bicycles, accessed from Ship St.

There is a strong rumour that the Offices of the Revenue Commissioners is likely to acquire a major portion of the Office Accommodation.

This will be the first of the proposed super developments on the North Side quays, all of which are part of St. Patrick's Parish.

27.01.06 Cork Person of the Year

At the Rochestown Park Hotel on Friday, 27th January, UCC's Emeritus Professor of Irish History, John A. Murphy was selected as Cork Person of the Year, congratulations John. The clergy and parishioners of St. Patrick's and in particular the community associated with Roche's Buildings Social and Resource Centre are proud of St. Patricia's achievement and are eternally indebted to her for her work.


18-04-05 COPE Foundation Opening

This afternoon, the COPE Foundation, Montenotte officially opened its new developments in furthering their care for the intellectually impared in our community. The ceremony commenced with a blessing by Canon Liam Leader followed by a viewing of the facilities and concluded with speeches by Mrs. Maura Nash, Chief Executive, and Mr. William H. O'Sullivan, Chairperson. The new facilities include a Dining Hall with seating capacity for 120 diners, a state-of-the- art Kitchen and nine new 'hotel quality' Bedsits for the elderly. The kitchens, capable of producing 700 main meals includes in its equipment a glycol refrigeration unit. Despite being on a sloping site all areas of the facility are wheelchair accessable. The Dining Hall is called 'Heatherlee', spontanously named in memory a former West Cork holiday home of the O'Sullivan family. At a cost of 8.5 million, these new facilities are most deserving to those who are in need of 'a best quality of life'


07-04-05 The Knitting Map - A World Record ?

As part of Cork's year as European Capital of Culture, the Half /Angel Production Company are engaged in the production of the worlds largest knitted textile. The exhibition of this work is on-going in the basement of the former Church of Ireland church at St. Luke's Cross, within St. Patrick's Parish. The pattern for the work is based on a computerised matrix developed from the movement of people in Cork City and the daily weather. Knitting will continue until 31st. December 2005 and then the promoters will submit the work as a Guinness World Record. Further details of this project can be found at

14-03-05 Further Country Club Hotel Developments

It has been reported that having received it's planning permission (see article below) the Country Club Hotel has been sold for a figure of 6 million euro. The new owners are John Gatley of Vienna Wood Hotel, Frankie Whelehan of the Clarion Group Hotels and a Clare based businessman, Noel Conlon. The Country Club had been in the ownership of developer Pearse Moore for more than thirty years and was a popular night club during the seventies.


07-03-05 Lr. Glanmire Rd. Annual General Meeting

The following is a report on the Lr. Glanmire Road Residents annual General Meeting which took place this pm in St. Patrick's Parish Hall;

Chaired by Alderman Maureen Quill, also present Noel Flynn TD and Councellor John Kelleher.

Association Chairperson ...........Margaret Corcoran

Association Vice Chairperson....Angela Moynihan

Association Secretary.................Tadg Harrington

Association Treasurers...............Nancy Harrington ....................................................... Noreen Meaney

Association Committee................Jerry Spillane, John Dineen, Mary Hackett, Gemma Staunton, Muriel Joy, Betty O'Donoghue, Jo Coffey, Ann Meaney

Issues of 2004

Christmas Party on 5th December was very successful, a cheque of € 3000 was presented for the party, also € 25,000 from the developers of the Arcadia for the inconvenience during the construction period

Our Community Garda Michael Lucy was promoted and transferred to Douglas, a presentation was made to him after the AGM

On the previous Sunday afternoon a party was held in the Gresham Metrepole Hotel with lunch at 1 pm, music and entertainment for the afternoon, tea and sandwiches at 6 pm with dancing until 7 pm. A great days entertainment was enjoyed by the 82 persons who attended, it all being on foot of the € 3000 mentioned above. The Residents Association are presently objecting to the high rise appartment block proposed at McMahons Timber Yard, off Water Street. This development would be 17 floors high and contain some 300+ appartments

The Association consider that they have been plagued for the past three years with planning permissions for example,

'Kilbree', across from the Station (22 apartments)

'Woburn', below Arcadia, (12 x 2 bedroom appartments)

'Dalys', next to Woburn, (13 Apartments)

'138/140 Lr. Road', (7 appartments)

The Super Draw will take place on St. Patrick's Day, the Restoration Committee hope to raise €100,00


15-03-05 Parish Confirmations

St. Patrick's Church was thronged with Parishioners this am to witness 74 young adults receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Fifty boys and twenty four girls from Scoil Eanna, Scoil Muire, Christian Brothers College and St. Lukes, made their vows and then moved to the altar to be confirmed by Archbishop Thomas White. Canon Liam Leader PP, Fr. Christy O'Shaughnessy and Fr. Declan Kidney assisted the Archbishop in the concelebrated Mass.

At the conclusion Canon Leader thanked the Archbishop for coming out of retirement to officiate at this important celebration of young life. He praised the parents and friends of the young people, the teachers of the various schools who prepared the children, the children themselves for their orderly presence. He reminded them that they were now in fact young adults who would face difficulties in the years to come particularly in these troubled times. He likened their journey to those travellers of past times who left the safety of Cobh and ventured out into the dangers of the Atlantic in order to reach the New World.

Among the teachers present who kept order on the events were Denis Lenihan and Susan Lane, both from the Christian Brothers College.................further details to follow

13-03-05 An Post Stamp

The newly renovated St Patrick's Church features among prominent Cork landmarks in a special 2005 commemorative stamp produced by An Post. Just in time for Patrick's Day, the new stamp will be seen on mail from Beijing to Beirut, from Boston to Buenos Aires, and perhaps even further.

27-02-05 Collins Barracks Museum

Wednesday the 2nd. March will mark a new chapter in the history of Collins Barracks. This impressive garrison situated within and on the northern boundry of St. Patrick's Parish will open it's doors to the public and proudly display its newly refurbished Military Museum.The Barracks, established over 200 years ago was originally known simply as the Cork Barracks but on the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 it was named Victoria Barracks. It was further renamed to Collins Barracks following the death of Michael Collins in 1922. The Barracks was designed to accomodate 156 officers, 1994 uncommissioned soldiers and stables for 252 horses. Over the years the Barracks has played host to many illustrious persons including the former US President, John F Kennedy. The €400,000 refurbishment project had been spearheaded by Comdt. Dan Harvey over the past 15 years. Comdt. Harvey is particularly proud of the Museums new centrepiece dedicated to Michael Collins. This section contains many items of Collins' memorabilia and personal effects, including his Rosary beads. The Military Museum is the Defence Forces contribution to Cork's European Capital of Culture 2005 and is open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am to 1 pm,......... all are welcome.


Kind Permission of Cork Independent and Billy macGill, photographer.

Professor Ciaran Murphy, Head of Business Information Systems UCC presenting a cheque for €1000 to Mary Claire McCarthy from Sydney Parade, Wellington Road (within the Parish), in recognition of achieving the highest number of points in the Leaving Certificate for any female UCC applicant. Mary Claire is a past pupil of Scoil Mhuire, Cork


07-02-05 Country Club Developments

The Country Club Hotel, Montenotte, where many Parish related activities such as Christmas Parties, Weddings etc. take place, are planning exciting developments according to their Planning Application posted on the 22nd. December last.
The proposed development comprises 18 number Executive Suites, 19 number short term Holiday Units of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom capacities, a Swimming Pool and Leisure facility , all complete with semi-underground car parking.
When completed, this could ideally provide for returning parishioners who may wish to spend some time in the Parish while on holidays.


07-02-05 Cultural Enterprise

A small band of artists have fully embraced Cork's mantle of European City of Cultural by their ‘taking over' of the derelict former School of Music on the Wellington Road in the heart of the Parish. The three storey red bricked building has lain vacant and abandoned by the owners, Cork Institute of Technology, (who have their own difficulties getting the proposed new €50m School of Music off the ground) for the past 13 years.
The group of adventurous ‘squatters', known as ‘One Day a Week' comprise painters, sculptors, photographers, wood and metal ornamentalists etc., who hope by their skills to turn the various spaces into workable studios. Each ‘One Day' member contributes €100 per month towards the renovations, and two of their members remain overnight to protect their investment while awaiting the outcome of negotiations with the CIT bosses.
Cork's Cultural Enterprise is alive and well and living in Wellington Road, ....... at least pro tem.


Arcadia update, see Arcadia on Home Page


A Sense of Humour !!

On the 17th. of January last, a property wall adjoining Lovers Walk collapsed and as a result, the City Council deemed the continued use of Lovers Walk by walkers or road traffic as being dangerous and closed the road with the erecting of a metal fence across the road.

The closure of the road has caused considerable inconvenience to locals and other road users. Local news reports have indicated that there is a dispute between the resident concerned and the City Council.

Road signs were positioned at the entrances/exits to Lovers Walk and also at intervals along the road. All of these signs stated 'No Through Road'. However, in frustation or simply humour, to emphasise the long delay in the closure of this road, someone decorated one of the signs with weed from the ajoining wall resulting as below.

Honan Home Developments by the COPE Foundation

The COPE Foundation has recently applied for Planning Permission for the Refurshment and Development Works at the former Honan Home on Lover's Walk.

These Works will consist of the following,

(a) the refurishment of the Honan Home (protected structure) to incorporate day care services for the elderly, the demolition of existing sheds to the rere thereof, and the construction of an extension at the rere of the Honan Home building incorporating 2 no. 4 bedroom apartments, 2 no. 2 bedroom apartments, and 2 no. 1 bedroom apartments for the elderly, the extension being linked at first floor level to the rere of the Honan Home building.

(b) for the demolition of existing 10 no. chalet type housing units at the eastern side of the site, and for the construction of 1 no. single storey block and a 1 no. two storey block of sheltered housing incorporating a total of 27 single bed residential units for the elderly, and

(c) for the construction of an internal private access road directly connecting the Honan Home premises with the COPE Foundation's existing internal road network of its Beech Hill premises situated immediately to the rere of the Honan Home.


The COPE Foundation ( a charitable organisation) is to be congratulated on this inititive, the provision of additional facilities to its large network of premises dedicated to the care and welfare of the disabled must be welcomed by all.