Record Search or Memorial Plaque or Monthly/Weekly

We get quite a number of requests for record searches, particularly from people tracing their ancestors.

This can be a time consuming exercise and while we are happy to facilitate it there is a minimum donation of €10 for a Record Search. This donation also covers the issue of a certificate.

Should you wish to have a Brass Memorial Plaque located on a seat at either St. Patrick's Church or the Holy Family Church, and have those named included in a perpetual monthly Mass reserved for this purpose, there is a minimum once off donation of €120.

However, first check with us that the words you have chosen can be accommodated within the plaque parameters.

Or alternatevly, the Pay-Pal may be used for making a single Donation or a Weekly Donation to the Church

To email Record Search/Memorial Plaque/Single/Weekly Donation (see details on Home Page), click here, send, and then;

To make the appropriate Donation, click on PayPal button below

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