The Vault of St Patrick's Church


The Honans were well established in the commercial life of Limerick City before the 19th century. They moved their buisness to Cork some time after 1800. Their main premises were at 19/20 St. Patrick's Quay for the processing of butter, and 10/11 King Street (now McCurtain Street); the Metropole Hotel complex is now occupying the site.

Matthew Honan, born1815, became head of the household. He never married but continued to reside with his sister Isabella at the family residence in Sydney Place. He inherited from his father talents of self-discipline, hard work and an application to duty. Its been said of the father that he lived so frugally and was so adversed to wasting time that he took his lunch to his office like a schoolboy would, packed in a little satchel strapped to his back.


Unlike the Maylors, Dunnes, Roches and numerous other of the Cork merchantile class, the Honans remained severly aloof from public service, and in politics they were Unionists.

It was the Honan Family generosity made possible the building of the Brickfield Church, now known as St. Patrick's Church.


This is a rough plan of the vaults, it's date and origin is unknown, click on plan for larger version

An extract from 'The Constitution' of 15th. October 1836, refers to a Patrick Leahy Esq., as follows;

Repairs to Churches

Sealed tenders will be received by Patrick Leahy, Esq., Provintial Architect to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland for the repair of Midleton and Aghada Churches, in the Diocese of Cloyne, persuant to Specifications to be seen with the clergymen of each Parish, and also at Mr. Leahy's Office, in the New Court House, Cork. The person making the lowest tender, will be declared the Contractor, on giving satisfactory references as to competency and security for the due performance of the work, and the Contractor will be declared on Monday, the 24th. inst., being the last day for the receipt of tenders.

Cork, Oct. 15, 1836

It is thought that Remains of Mr. Leahy are contained in the vault No.8, right hand aisle