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During this week ...... in 1832 & 1836


The parishioners of St. Patrick say a heartful thanks to the University of Southern Indiana Chamber Choir who performed in Concert at St. Patrick's Church on 12th. May 2010

Rowan Tree Irish Traditional Band

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Kathy Sinnott



Crypt at St. Patricks Church


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Bringing the Word of God and Parish News to the rest of the World...........13. 08. 2023

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Family of Parishes

Blackpool/Glen/Ballyvolane, South Parish, SS Peter and Paul, St. Patrick's, Sunday's Well and The Cathedral .

Introducing Families of Parishes in the Pastoral Letter Putting Out into Deep Waters last year, Bishop Fintan Gavin stated that if we needed to revise some of the arrangements around Families of Parishes, we would do so, Bishop Fintan has now widened the Family of Parishes of South Parish, SS Peter and Paul's and St. Patrick's to include the Parishes of Blackpool/The Glen/Ballyvolane, Sunday's Well and the Cathedral. In this arrangement, the pastoral care of Holy Family Church, Military Hill will be provided by the Family of Parishes of Mayfield (St. Joseph's) and Upper Mayfield in this part of the city.

I have accepted the appointment as Co-Parish Priest and Moderator to the Family of Parishes of Blackpool/the Glen/Ballyvolane, South Parish, St. Patrick's, Ss Peter and Paul, Sunday's Well and the Cathedral from Saturday 12th. August 2023.

My appointedment as Moderator to this Family of Parishes forms part of an overall plan of the renewal for the Diocese towards mission that which puts more emphasis on co-responsibility and shared leadership with lay people and priests working together.

I have been asked by Bishop Fintan to inform each parish of my appointment on the weekend of 5th,/6th. August in parish bulletins and notices.

Please see below the breakdown of Priests who will be working in this Family of Parishes with myself and Co-PP Fr. Kevin O Regan.

Familyof Parishes of Blackpool/The Glen/Ballyvolane, South Parish, Ss. Peterb and Paul's St. Patrick's Sundays Well and the Cathedral

Canon John O Donovan, Co-PP resident in South Parish,

Fr. Kevin O Regan, Co-PP resident in South Parish,

Fr. Sean Crowley CC resident in the Cathedral,

Fr. Jilson Kokkandathail CC resident in South Parish,

Fr. Marius O Reilly CC resident in Ss. Peter and Paul's,

Fr. Shinu Varghese CC resident in the Cathedral.


Canon John O Donovan, Co-PP and Moderator


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We Pray that .......

God will look with love and compassion on people where their lands are ravaged by fire, deluges and draught. Lord, please protect those who seek your help.

God will reach down to the Indian Nation and bring them hope and solice in their grief. Please God bring them peace, peace in the knowledge that their loved ones, who lost their life in the recent train crash are now with God

God, by his outstreched arms, will welcome all those from Ukraine who are being persecuted by the Russian Forces. Let the Russian followers realise that despite how strong their forces migt be, God's strength is infinitlely greater.

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Mass Times, in the year of our Lord 1884

Sunday - Mass at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.15 am and 12 Noon. Vespers and Sermon at 7 pm


Listen to "Radio Maria", Irelands newest Radio Station............. www.radiomaria.ie


“ Ephphatha! ”— that is, “Be opened!”

And immediately the man's ears were opened,
his speech impediment was removed,
and he spoke plainly. 

Fr. Jilson Kokkandathil from the Diocese of Mananthavady India to be Curate in South Parish and St. Patrick's Parish as well as Chaplain to the Syro Malabar Community in the Diocese of Cork and Ross



29th. Sunday in Ordinary Time

“He has done all things well. 
He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”


'In the brilliant 'Light of our Saviour' we are equal, we are both invisible,

and only through our love for God and each other, do we begin to glow'

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Gospel Mk 7:31-37

Again Jesus left the district of Tyre
and went by way of Sidon to the Sea of Galilee,
into the district of the Decapolis. 
And people brought to him a deaf man who had a speech impediment
and begged him to lay his hand on him.
He took him off by himself away from the crowd. 
He put his finger into the man's ears
and, spitting, touched his tongue;
then he looked up to heaven and groaned, and said to him,
“ Ephphatha! ”— that is, “Be opened!” —
And immediately the man's ears were opened,
his speech impediment was removed,
and he spoke plainly. 

He ordered them not to tell anyone. 
But the more he ordered them not to,
the more they proclaimed it. 
They were exceedingly astonished and they said,
“He has done all things well. 
He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”


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Shroud of Turin - ReplicaNorth Cathedral 20th. - 30th. March


Conor Declan Baptism